i gotta get this bumper sticker (for everyone i know)

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(another instagram! yes, you see! i was addicted!)



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YO straight up instagram is the best/worst. went down a dark rabbit hole last night and uggghhhhhhh. gonna have to delete the app again (156887938th time). sad to lose stories, but glad to not spend 20 minutes looking at tracy anderson’s feed. DEEP EMPTINESS. that said, this instagram post made me laugh.

life is not easy, even for a tic tac.

Quick question: do Germans know what “emotions” are?

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blast from the past

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last days of flip phone

last days of my flip phone, portland, circa 2009


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from “In Watergate, One Set of Facts. In Trump Era, Take Your Pick.”:

Yet what will matter most is whether the special counsel investigating the ties between Russia and the Trump campaign, Robert S. Mueller III, finds any actual wrongdoing.

Maybe he won’t. But if he does, how much of the country will believe it?

heh heh

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cold stone mysteries

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just wondering
why is the cold stone creamery caramel topping pour hole so wide? how did i come to own a bottle of cold stone creamery caramel topping, is there a better term for a bottle’s “pour hole”



etheridge knight

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etheridge knight, the sun came

etheridge knight, “the sun came”

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old people things i have done lately

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  • ordered two workout DVDs
  • been listening to pandora



in cloudcroft

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how can you say young girls don’t get it?

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