new idea

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store all towels in dryer –> turn on dryer for 5 minutes right before all showers –> hot towel awaiting you post-shower


a gift from mom

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gift from moma grocery bag full of ny times magazines

landscape art

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Sam Durant for the win. ✨: @sirsargent

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white sands

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just a lot going on here but more importantly

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they know my weak spots

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a bad idea

this got me

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tracy chapman / courtesy of herstory

TRACY CHAPMAN performing in Harvard Square. Cambridge, MA. 1985. Photo: Joey Harrison 〰it’s time to break out #TracyChapman self-titled 1988 album 〰Talkin’ Bout A Revolution

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doing my thing

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good things

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experimental chip flavors we have tried

  • pets
  • heating pads
  • the smell of your heater kicking on
  • heat in general
  • michelle obama
  • this awesome list of things you can do to act locally
  • lays’ “do us a flavor” challenges
  • django reinhardt pandora station???? (for 2 hours) (maybe less)
  • the grateful dead

ocean waves

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Ocean Waves — Katsushika Hokusai

Ocean Waves — Katsushika Hokusai

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