in ways that were free of ideology

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from hilton als’s profile of filmmaker kahlil joseph (bolding my own):

Then, in the mid-aughts, he was hired as an assistant to the black photographer and filmmaker Melodie McDaniel. Working at the Directors Bureau, a commercial and music-video production company in L.A., Joseph learned on the job: he shot behind-the-scenes footage and interviews for Sofia Coppola (whose brother Roman had founded the bureau), and filmed B-roll for that artist of disjunction Terrence Malick, while absorbing what McDaniel had to impart: the importance of representing the black world and the female world in ways that were free of ideology.

dog in wild

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wait a sec

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found while reading regina hall’s wikipedia page: is there really a cutoff age for nuns? or is this just yahoo! answers style garbage facts?

is it wrong if sometimes i think clyde looks sexy

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one of my first art lessons

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inspired by stanley whitney. i wasn’t sure if the lessons worked, but seeing it on the walls i think they look awes (especially alberto’s abstract stormy sky style rendering, corner left in first picture). kids are COOL.

who wouldn’t?

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spotted in a los angeles parking lot, courtesy of courtney

a name i can get behind

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a chilling article — the interpreter’s “What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer”:

More gun ownership corresponds with more gun murders across virtually every axis: among developed countries, among American states, among American towns and cities and when controlling for crime rates. And gun control legislation tends to reduce gun murders, according to a recent analysis of 130 studies from 10 countries.

This suggests that the guns themselves cause the violence.


Switzerland has the second-highest gun ownership rate of any developed country, about half that of the United States. Its gun homicide rate in 2004 was 7.7 per million people — unusually high, in keeping with the relationship between gun ownership and murders, but still a fraction of the rate in the United States.

Swiss gun laws are more stringent, setting a higher bar for securing and keeping a license, for selling guns and for the types of guns that can be owned. Such laws reflect more than just tighter restrictions. They imply a different way of thinking about guns, as something that citizens must affirmatively earn the right to own.

GREAT idea

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cribbing this — from the ny times magazine interview with greta gerwig:

Gerwig is close to her parents. … Her mother is a retired OB/GYN nurse and her father works in small-business loans for a credit union. “I always felt like they were both artists without being artists,” she said. At the holidays, the house overflowed with guests. Her father plays “a ton” of instruments. Her mother has a closet in the hallway where she keeps presents, wrapped, for all different ages — just in case someone comes over and it’s her birthday.

instant cheer

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donuts from peter pan

donuts from peter pan in NYC

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