mary barra

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mary barra photo by trunk. courtesy of esquire.

advice from mary barra, ceo of general motors:

When you have multiple points of view, you come out with a better answer.

new plans

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  • buy a ton of sugar free red bulls
  • drink them
  • become a work machine


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colin-vian: “Giorgio Griffa 1971 ”


Giorgio Griffa  1971

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more here

big moon

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is this a thing?!

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WHOA — one woman’s experience working at wells fargo, “Voices From Wells Fargo: ‘I Thought I Was Having a Heart Attack’”:

I started to have extreme physical stress-related symptoms as well as random panic attacks. At some point during that summer, the stress was so intense that I could no longer handle the pressure. On the banker’s desk, in the bathroom, behind the teller line and in the vault, the store kept bottles of hand sanitizer.

One morning, before meeting with a customer, in which I knew I was going to have to sell unneeded services, I had a severe panic attack. I went to the bathroom and took a drink of some hand sanitizer.

This immediately reduced my anxiety. From that point, I began drinking the hand sanitizer all over the bank.

In late November 2012, I was completely addicted to hand sanitizer and drinking at least a bottle a day during my workday.

nothing special but still awesome

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 Chris Bianco at Tratto, his new restaurant in Phoenix. Credit David Jolkovski for The New York Times

pizzaiolo chris bianco discussing his beginnings in “a legend pizza maker steps away from the fire”:

Mr. Bianco arrived in Phoenix in 1985, at age 23. “I just wanted to get away from what I was,” he said. He had heard that Arizona women were attractive and that the desert would ease his asthma.

His interest in cooking had been piqued by a job at a New York pizzeria he describes as “nothing special but still awesome, you know?”

Mona Lisa’s Hundred Smiles

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Mona Lisa’s Hundred Smiles. Shigeo Fukuda. 1970

Mona Lisa’s Hundred Smiles, Shigeo Fukuda, 1970

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just going for it

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amazing weirdoshall and oates, “rich girl,” 1977

kindred spirit

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mona kowalska!!!!!

have long loved a détacher designer mona kowalska and her life philosophy. from waiting on saturday:

My ideal weekend is 3 days long. One day of idleness: just the sofa, a book…I do think there are things happening in your brain during idle time. Another day should be taking care of your life: groceries, laundry…And the third day is going to museums, seeing art. When I work a five day week one of those days goes, but I’m a lazy person so it’s never the idle day [laughs].

Weekends are not work time for me. I’m a real morning person — I get up between 5:30and 6 whether I’ve been out the night before or not. I make coffee and read back in bed for an hour. Then I make breakfast: Quinoa, chia, blueberries and hemp milk. I’m not a cook. A friend came over to cook lunch and turned on the oven and I was like, “Did you just turn on the oven?! Because I’ve never done that.” [laughs]

also this:

Best hour of a Saturday? 5pm, Negroni time.

i like wearing my hats

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 Viola Davis. Photo: Getty Images

Viola Davis. Photo: Getty Images. Courtesy of NY Mag.

the amazing viola davis on self-care:

Self-care for me is also finding any moment I can to myself and embracing being alone. I don’t judge what that alone time is. I don’t try to make it pretty. I love going grocery shopping. I love going to Target. I don’t like wearing makeup or hair. I like wearing my hats. I like sitting in my tub for hours with water and trash magazines. I like watching Real Housewives shows. I like sitting in my steam shower and I like sitting in my Jacuzzi. That’s what I like doing.