well, many facets

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many good chuckles from helytimes:


the only book I’ll ever need?!

if I want to learn more about China I can pick up this month’s Westways:

Lol did somebody pitch Westways “how about a story about China?”

WESTWAYS EDITOR: what angle?

PITCHER: Everything from cities to cuisine!  All the facets!


PITCHER: Well, many facets.

EDITOR: Is there enough there?

PITCHER: I think so.  Did you know it is a 5,000 year old civilization?

EDITOR: Wow!  OK let’s also have a piece on Iceland and car racing for amateurs and I think we’re good!

so: a brochure.

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a great story: “a love story” by samantha hunt.

I’ve been thinking about drafting a manual for expecting mothers. An honest guide to a complex time of life for which no one’s ever properly prepared. After I became a mom, I asked an older friend, “How come you never told me I’d lose my identity when I had a kid?”

“ ’Cause it’s temporary. They give you a new one. And I kind of forgot.”



When I sit down to begin my manual, I realize how specific my guide is to one demographic. So then, O.K., a mothering guide for middle-class, heterosexual women who went to college and are gainfully employed. But once I’ve arrived there, my pen raised and at the ready, I realize I actually have very little wisdom. So: a brochure. Pen in hand. Until I realize that what I’ve learned about being a middle-class, hetero mother who went to college could actually be boiled down to one or two fortune cookies. I write, “HORMONES ARE LIFE. HORMONES ARE MENTAL ILLNESS.” I write, “EQUALITY BETWEEN THE SEXES DOES NOT EXIST.” And then my job is done.

oh my

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 Liev Schreiber and Chuck WepnerIllustration by Tom Bachtell

Liev Schreiber and Chuck Wepner. Illustration by Tom Bachtell. Courtesy of The New Yorker.

talk of the town on liev shreiber’s new film chuck, about the boxer chuck wepner:

[Chuck] Wepner earned his nickname, the Bayonne Bleeder, in 1969, when his fight against Sonny Liston rained blood on the spectators. Between bites of herbed scallops, the fighter said, “I could feel my nose breaking, hear my cheekbone cracking. The doctor looked at me and he went”—Wepner made a retching sound. “I almost retired after that, but I had the doggedness.” Working variously as a bouncer, an enforcer, and a liquor salesman, Wepner trained part time till he got his shot against Muhammad Ali, in 1975. “I was in such good shape for the Ali fight that I didn’t know whether I wanted to fight him or fuck him. I hope I don’t embarrass you,” he said to Schreiber, who gave a cosmopolitan shrug.

Or Coconuts

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courtesy of molly youngHouse rules at Ernest Hemingway’s casita in Key West. NO coconuts.

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the unbelievable smugness of apologizing to nabokov in your title

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from nicole cliffe, via carrie frye’s newsletter:

When I was a shamefully and hopelessly callow Harvard undergraduate, I managed to claw my way into Zadie Smith’s fiction workshop, an opportunity I then squandered by being myself (lazy, self-absorbed, and not that good a writer). Zadie did not like us very much, with good reason. You’ve read “On Beauty”? That’s basically what she was dealing with. Mostly, when I think back on that workshop, I writhe with embarrassment, but I also think fondly of a very kind and generous thing she did for us a few weeks into the semester.

With a slightly grim expression, she walked around our table carefully setting down individual copies of a stapled short story, titled “Picnic, Lightning (with apologies to Nabokov.)” She informed us that this was a bad story that she had written, herself, in one of her own terrible undergraduate fiction seminars. She let us read it, and talked about how everyone writes bad things on the way to writing anything good. She talked about the unbelievable smugness of apologizing to Nabokov in your title. She talked about the necessary apprentice work of trying to sound like a much better writer, one that you love, and how as your own voice develops, you can let those avatars fall away.

i couldn’t talk for two days

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from the john waters interview in lenny:

John Waters: …until I saw Pelican 212, a rock group that Trump picked for his inauguration ball. Did you see them? No one but me seems to have seen them.

Kaitlyn Greenidge: No, I haven’t.

JW: Never has there been a more hideously untalented, amateur group, and they were singing covers of James Brown songs. I couldn’t talk for two days. I went to the marches and everybody had great signs, but I found I just wanted to have one that said “I Hate Pelican 212,” but then no one will know what I’m talking about.

then i bust out

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courtney’s son, courtesy of courtney




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steven van zandt truth to power

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