too true

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from vulture’s review of the last jedi:

The third strand features Finn (John Boyega) and the small but huge-spirited rebel Rose Tico (Kelly Marie Tran), who rocket (or whatever the appropriate verb is) off to disable the source some sort of First Order something something. (It doesn’t matter what it is — it’s a MacGuffin.) To pass the time, they need to find a space-age safecracker, who happily turns out to be the sleepy-eyed, pervy-vibed Benicio del Toro, who only has to gaze on a female character to lift a film into the realm of a borderline R rating.

creepy statues at santa fe children’s museum

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things going on

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Seiji Matsumoto, courtesy of the NY Times

Seiji Matsumoto, courtesy of the NY Times

  • enjoying illustrations by Seiji Matsumoto, originally seen here
  • watching A LOT of brooklyn 99
  • wondering if i might be addicted to brooklyn 99
  • falling in love with andre braugher
  • bought first quart of egg nog
  • love going to PO at this time of year: deliveries, christmas cards, cool ass mail
  • feeling like my christmas presents this year were a bit lackluster, but what can ewe dew
  • considering doing some form of this, i don’t shop all that often, but i DO creep around on blogs, websites, and newsletters, bookmarking all this cool ass stuff stuff stuff to buy (eventually), and it just feels a little distracting and consumer cluttery and not all that mindful. though maybe it is mindful because i don’t buy it? anyway maybe i just start with the no buying rule and see how that goes

most depressing

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from this morning’s ny times:

President Trump has threatened to end American aid to any country that votes today in favor of a U.N. resolution denouncing his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

“Let them vote against us; we’ll save a lot,” Mr. Trump said. “We don’t care.”

a really sockeroo contract

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draft post from 2014 (!) about mary higgins clark living her best life, reminded of it by this npr interview with clark:

mary higgins clarkmary higgins clark, courtesy of Tony Cenicola/The New York Times

Ms. Clark’s own tenure on Central Park South began when, like Alvirah, she hit the jackpot. There she was, a widowed mother of five living in suburban New Jersey, sitting at the kitchen table and writing the novel, “Where Are the Children?” which was published in 1975. Its success led to a “really sockeroo contract” for the next book, “And I thought: ‘What do I want?’ because I realized I could afford a luxury,” recalled Ms. Clark, whose new novel, “The Cinderella Murder,” a collaboration with Alafair Burke, will be out in November. “And a voice from the cloud said, ‘Mary, every Irish Catholic girl from the Bronx has wanted an apartment on Central Park South.’ ”

strange friday night

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a bit of a strange friday night — alone at home, listening to anne carson’s translation of antigone, antigonick, on kcrw. hard to concentrate but in theory up my alley. i love all those greek plays, plus anne carson is so intense / compelling / strange / wonderful.

also i forgot that antigone is the daughter of jocasta and oedipus, HEAVY FAMILY TREE.

in non-greek play news, these shoes just are speaking some kind of language to me; ditto with this emilia wickfield dress (originally seen on leandra medine).


contacting the north pole by shortwave radio

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my dreama dream come true

new view from yoga mat

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why is the ny times presenting me with these rod stewart ads

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Bffs on Canal ⚫️🔸🔺

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