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into it

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So amongst all the madness this scene was created super last min, about 4 days before show day. I played the music and just started creating with my amazing dancers and it came together like magic. Then of course @bellahadid @slickwoods and all the incredible models came all the way through and brought this whole world to life.✨ Assistants: @cullenneale & @jamaldeandre_ Production: @prodject Directed by: @alrudzinski Set design: @willoperron Music: @adamblackstone & @babebrice Song: @troyboi – Do you?

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my dream look

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ulla johnson via bona drag (via bona drag)

old photo from sicily

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2015 or 2016, i think

somewhere over pennsylvania

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somewhere over philadelphiaold photo from 2010

this appeals to me

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electric heater meant to look like a fire!Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove with Remote Control – Portable Indoor Space Heater – DFI-5010

 (inspired by “what writer leanne shapton can’t live without”)

kwame brathwaite

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Kwame Brathwaite

photo by kwame brathwaite, courtesy of new york mag

a photo series of good things

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best pals who send you kind books to help with grief

best cousins who make you the coolest tees

dogs who rest their heads on your feet as you work (my legs look like man legs here, interesting)

me and my clyde

this photo of me and clyde that carolyn sent tonight — we were luxuriating on the sheepskin rug she bought us for our wedding (me and ross’s, not me and clyde’s).

straight truth

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i’m not in love with having pink eye


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this week i:

  • stabbed my arm on a barbed wire fence (arm was like a very soft marshmallow)
  • got a tetanus shot
  • listened to 3.5 boring ass lectures (2.5 more to go), actually listening now to 0.5,  and mind is mad unpumped
  • got pink eye!!!!