this pair

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Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. I Image: Getty Images.
Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. I Image: Getty Images. Via this site.

(also would wear either of these outfits)

stephen hayes

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Stephen Hayes, Following Our Fates Where They Lead, 2021, oil on canvas on panel, 30 x 30”. Via Elizabeth Leach Gallery.

Stephen Hayes, Following Our Fates Where They Lead, 2021, oil on canvas on panel, 30 x 30”. Courtesy of Elizabeth Leach Gallery.

i could live on xanax???

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i mean honestly i could? could i? i think so, right? or would i get used to it and have to just take 1000 pills. but honestly it really helps combat stress and makes me SLIGHTLY chiller [the two times i take it yearly]. instead, i’m staring at one of those giant cold/hot patches i bought, trying to figure out how to put it on my neck and back without accidentally placing it in my hair. IN OTHER BORING NEWS, today was a weird emo day, one coworker out sick, the other working from home (from emotional distress), so i was working alone, which is actually fine, but then WFH coworker came in and wanted to chat about the emotional distress, which gets ME frazzled cuz she just wants to talk like we’re relaxing on hammocks, but meanwhile i have one million things to do. later one of our nice board members brought me homemade strawberry sorbet (!) and this nice older gent came in and we talked about his home that he’d just sold where he and his first wife lived for 28 years (they were married for 44) and then she passed away and how life has its ups and downs but ultimately it’s beautiful.

(in other news, let’s be frank, are real estate agents on the slightly evil side of the spectrum? i can’t see how they’re helping gentrification issues exactly…though i know it’s more complex than that.)


A Photographer’s Parents Wave Farewell

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my favorite thing i’ve seen in awhile — the photo series “A Photographer’s Parents Wave Farewell”

Deanna Dikeman’s photograph of her parents waving farewell, 1995. Courtesy of the New Yorker.


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marshmallow ingredients

look, i know marshmallows contain gelatin but i just have never seen it writ quite so plain before


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this is a photo of a woman i went to high school with and i’m just v into how she is (still) totally her own person and rocking it. new instrument who dis? may we all be so comfortable in our skins.

tam rocking it!

uh oh

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had a sex dream about olivia munn the other night. full disclosure i have been embarrassingly SHOOK by the olivia munn/john mulaney drama (zero percent my business but — i just weirdly am feeling every part of it, including the addiction part, which i understand and yet don’t understand) (“can’t you just do cocaine and stay successful and keep going for life?”).

ps found an old 2006 email about arcade fire’s “lies” and in truth, it holds up.

it’s a vibe

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rodarte spring 2022 look 7 via vogue

rodarte spring 2022 via vogue

the master of the pat

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from the ny times obituary “Delores Custer, 79, Dies; Gave Star Turns to Cornflakes and Noodles”:

“Some stylists have specialties, but Delores could do anything,” said Colin Cooke, a still life and food photographer who shot hundreds of ads with Ms. Custer. However, he said, she shone particularly in margarine. At one point they worked for a company that owned 11 different brands.

“She was the master of the pat,” Mr. Cooke said, “the queen of the dollop, the swirl and the curl.”

The food stylist Delores Custer in an undated photo. Her sandwiches were architectural marvels, her builds — to use the industry term of art — the envy of her peers. Credit...Colin Cooke, NY TIMES
The food stylist Delores Custer in an undated photo. Credit…Colin Cooke / NY Times

tywin lannister

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had a dream that tywin lannister from game of thrones kicked me out of a threeway for not being sexy enough. dream interpreters, i welcome your thoughts.

tywin lannister, true tyrant

also this song!