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the ultimate yes man


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okay, here’s what i’m up to today, on my last day of school freedom:

  • just finished station eleven, it was sooooo good, favorite read in a long team, i mean time, it gave me bad dreams, but stlll straight up loved it, it kind of reminded me of jennifer egan’s a visit from the goon squad, as far as structure and also — a little bit mood? can i get some feedback on that
  • started watching the series station eleven, not 100% sold yet but it’s definitely melancholy in a good way and mackenzie davis is v. v. good
  • making ribollita VERY SLOWLY
  • doing laundry
  • watching two basketball games at 1:30pm on TNT, my fave way to watch (charles, shaq, kenny = dream team)
  • until game time, watching avengers movie in the background (only really for spiderman) (also enh avengers movies are HECTIC, like 20% good and then 80% fighting)
  • drinking chocolate milk
  • definitely deciding that cate blanchett is overrated
  • wearing my cool game of thrones/renaissance fur robe
  • turning up the heat

feeling this

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(via instagram / still can’t embed implicably)

highlights of 2021

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a short list, because honestly having a bit of a hard time remembering this year:

  • the rancho gordo super lucky black-eyed peas bob and leslie gave us
  • eating croissants in santa fe over christmas
  • loki, even though it wasn’t 100% great, BUT the colors were MUY good for repeat background viewings
  • as mentioned, the NBA
  • ross’s garden
  • ross’s tomatoes
  • ross’s lavender
  • just ross in general
  • the library
  • hunter harris really made me laugh with her newsletters
  • my outdoor haircut at trans-pecos
  • setting up the bed in the living room for the nephews and all of us falling asleep to the mysterious benedict society
  • reading little thieves in bed in santa fe
  • taking a bath with this bath soak
  • going to dallas for charlie’s service and getting to be with dad, linda, caroline, and brax
  • fam in general
  • friends in general, will i ever get to see them again????
  • frankie
  • harry’s help at the library, surprise addition

the grub strikes again

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some things i’m up to on my three-day weekend:

  • grubbin
  • staying in bed all day
  • falling asleep to basketball
  • doing laundry
  • eating salad
  • recycling
  • NOT showering
  • sleeping in
  • obsessing over marisa tomei????
  • looking at marisa tomei’s instagram
  • trying to steal marisa tomei’s entire style / vibe etc

school starts next tuesday and i’m not ready. final semester, WOW. it’s been so nice since christmas just being able to GRUB — i even cooked! made alison roman’s beige bean cabbage soup (unimpressed, but maybe i did something wrong?), BA’s best banana bread (remains a winner) (definitely recommend sprinkling on that sugar before baking), and i’m going to make ribollita this week and hopefully another soup before the school irons clamp on.

p.s. i recently decided i can’t stand cate blanchett’s acting, is it heresy? it’s so over the top, always feeling like ACTING. now i’m like did i ever like her in anything??? speaking of, i straight up HATED don’t look up

2 solid yellow lines

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one time in austin in 2002 or 2003, i was walking down congress and a camera crew asked if they could ask me a driving question — they’d pay me $10 to answer. i was 27 and poor and of course said yes. i got the question wrong (doh), but pocketed the $10 and then never thought about it again. until random people would tell me they saw me in a defensive driving video. worried face emoji. times 10 because apparently the video is still in action 20 years later??? because yesterday someone texted my coworker a clip of me from the video asking if it was me??? and my coworker was like is it??? and i was like, yes??? but also…can’t you tell??? or am i now a crone and you can’t even see that young person inside of me?????????????? ANYWAY YOU BE THE JUDGE


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guys i woke up on new year’s day feeling straight hopeful. am i crazy. POSSIBLY YES. my resolution this year is forgiveness — just being more forgiving of myself, my mom, other people, everything. not being so hard on everyone INCLUDING myself and just being able to accept it all. TBH it already feels good to have that concept floating in my brain. please that i can stick with it. more to come and also i ate the best meal in recent memory on new year’s day: salad, rancho gordo SUPER LUCKY black-eyed peas, and greens from our pals bob and leslie. it was truly spectacular. maybe this added to the hopefulness. in other news i have $100 to blow (i mean not technically, since i have credit card debt but…you get me) but what do i want to buy!!! A: this shirt, these underwear, massages, trips, ETC ETC

me in a nutshell

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this dressssss

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Olivia Wilde, in a Louis Vuitton dress and Celine sunglasses, photograph by Annie Leibowitz. Courtesy of Vogue.

Olivia Wilde, in a Louis Vuitton dress and Celine sunglasses, photograph by Annie Leibowitz. Courtesy of Vogue


cherry on top

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cover of the paris review, winter 2021, painting by rose wylie
cover of the paris review, winter 2021, painting by rose wylie