frank goddamm langella

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frank langella

frank langella. via écranlarge.

been watching the americans and frank langella is so good. looking at his wikipedia and found this incredible bit:

He also then lived with actress/comedian Whoopi Goldberg, whom he had met on the set of Eddie.


Langella published a memoir in 2012 called Dropped Names: Famous Men and Women As I Knew Them. In a review in the New York Times Book Review, Ada Calhoun wrote that “Langella’s book celebrated sluttiness as a worthy—even noble—way of life. There was so much happy sexuality in this book that reading it was like being flirted with for a whole party by the hottest person in the room. It was no wonder Langella was invited everywhere.”


what am i building that lasts?

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one other bit from the obama/goodwin interview — shouldn’t this be all of our questioning:

OBAMA: Sometimes I carry with me that perspective, which tells me that my particular worries on any given day—how I’m doing in the polls or what somebody is saying about me … for good or for ill—isn’t particularly relevant. What is relevant is: What am I building that lasts?

it’s the dial tone, mr. president

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fascinating talk from september 2016 between outgoing president barack obama and writer doris kearns goodwin in “Barack Obama and Doris Kearns Goodwin: The Ultimate Exit Interview”. loved this anecdote about dwight d. eisenhower:

DORIS KEARNS GOODWIN: …There will be perks [of the presidency] that you’ll miss, I’m sure.

BARACK OBAMA: I will miss Air Force One. I will miss Marine One.

GOODWIN: I think I told you the story about Eisenhower, that he had not personally dialed a phone call for so long that when he finally was out of the presidency he picked up the phone and he hears this buzz, and he said, “What’s this buzz?” It’s the dial tone, Mr. President. [Laughter.]

just wow

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marfa landscape, stephanie mei huang

marfa landscape, stephanie mei huang

stephanie mei huang

stuff i like

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  • kara brown’s “stuff i don’t like”
  • shed in healdsburg
  • our new (old) bikes, bike riding here i come, no flats please though or that’s the end of it, despite my best intentions
  • these happy new year crowns (inexplicably dying to buy them, it makes no sense, it’s june, also why are they so expensive and sold in such bulk? SOME DAY)
  • the two glasses of sparkling rosé i had at tartine manufactory on saturday
  • not working for two days in a row, oh it’s heaven

this packaging

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trout fillets by jose gourmet; illustration by madalena matoso

seen at shed — artwork by madalena matoso. (each of their canned goods is designed by different artists and very A+.)

ok california you are great! too cold, but still great

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trio of incredible juices and DAN at shed in healdsburg

i mean look at those cups of coffee, those juices!

ok, let’s be real, california has some THINGS:

  • great people
  • flowers
  • cows
  • the redwoods
  • great salads
  • an appreciation for beauty in the everyday
  • croissants in plenitude (though didn’t strike croissant gold this time)
  • impossible produce — just like — beautiful AND delicious. it has the power to flip me into being a fruit person. i mean i bought grapes once i got home, because i was so inspired. and made a very C+ smoothie this morning!
  • legal marijuana, still WHOA
  • (seemingly) good politics (though can we get justice for kevin cooper?)

dan at the farmhouse inn.


good salt and pepper shakers

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salt and pepper shakersat evans’s and brook’s

i’ll say

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"thanks to nicki" an american girl book


does my foot look michaelangelo-esque here

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me, amos, and brook at their house in invernessignore the beautiful backdrop, what about my foot. is it the iphone camera that is making it look so sculptural? or my sandal? am i imagining this? though now i’m looking at brook’s feet — also quite lovely. either way: WIN