just do the work

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i don’t know how to fully absorb this, but oy i need to, because otherwise i’m going to destroy my body and mind from tension and worry. it’s so DUMB. even with jobs that don’t matter: agony about not being perfect. from the ny times’s “smarter living: It’s never going to be perfect, so just get it done”:

In the end, just do the work. It won’t be perfect, but you’ll be far happier, and it’ll be done. And done is better than perfect ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

style inspiration 87431

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NOT the bride tho (apologies for not remembering where i got this and who this dude is — the bride is a stylist, who knows)

just a good thing

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dogs in pools

although for some reason that standing dog makes me a little melacholy

being alone, but not alone

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from pj raval’s grub street diet (a v good one):

Pretty much every Saturday morning I go to Colina Cuervo, a coffee shop in my neighborhood, Crown Heights. … It’s just perfect because you can sit there in morning drinking coffee and reading the Times and then somebody’s like two feet away from you doing their thing. You’re being alone, but not alone.

my dream state. also he recommends russian samovar in nyc, where we’re DEF going next time i’m in nyc:

The ceilings are low, the overhead lights are covered in pink lampshades, there’s a man playing a piano. We ate blinis and lox and drank vodka that was infused with horseradish. It’s all pretty wonderful.


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slam ballwould love to have heard the marketing pitch around this

oh little batman

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lil batman


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lavender socksthese lavender socks — relaxing just to look at

people will never forget how you made them feel

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great reminder from a newsletter i signed up for somehow sometime:

In the lead up to Father’s Day, I thought I’d throw out a few endorsements inspired by the dearest, nearest fathers in my life…

My dad. No one is better at making you feel like the smartest, funniest person in the room like my dear old dad. His laugh and way of listening are legendary–a true embodiment of that Maya Angelou quotation: “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. People will never forget how you made them feel.” So endorsement #2, live as if it were all about leaving the people you interact with feeling seen. Their very cells will remember.

this is pretty funny

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“Top Dinner Suggestions According to a Three-Year-Old’s Eating Habits”

i’m not a mom — still funny (“Around the edges of a cheeseburger without ever actually biting into the meat”) (“A French baguette, but only the inside — NO CRUST”).

also having some happy nostalgia depression about the proposed insound reunion. hard to define why.



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mom's bitmoji

  • mom discovered bitmoji!!!!!
  • back to working for the weekend
  • very grateful for my job, like thanking the universe grateful, it’s best case scenario for working while going to grad school, but it still can be annoying, is this ok to say out loud
  • because the blues won the stanley cup last night, ross “let” us have the a/c on ALL NIGHT. this is both a happy and sad story
  • cried today listening to laura branigan’s “gloria,” the blues’ theme song — GUYS THEY DID IT, THEY WENT FROM LAST PLACE TO FIRST PLACE AND WON THE STANLEY CUP, IT’S LIKE A MOVIE AND I’M FEELING IT