Posted: May 30th, 2006 | 2 Comments »

so it’s 2006, right? 2006. which means i’ve been listening to led zeppelin for 16 years, ever since sophomore year of high school, when i had a crush on holden rushing (freshman) (popular) (in my art class), and he loved them, and i was like, “oh yeah me too” and immediately bought houses of the holy and iv.

i guess that’s as far as i got, because dan was playing “tangerine” the other day, and i was like, HOLY SHIZ THIS IS THE BEST SONG ON THE PLANET. does everyone know this? is this one of the reasons led zeppelin is famous? if i’m walking, and listening to it on headphones, and the slow-to-jamming part comes on…i can’t even stand it. and the lyrics are all nostalgia and “back on the chain gang”-ish: “Thinking how it used to be / Does she still remember times like these? / To think of us again?”

it’s like beaches and oceans and being 15 and being 31 all rolled into one.

i don’t have the mp3, so i can’t post it. but you probably have it. of course you have it.

in other news, i bought a low-cut snakeskin polyster dress from the painted bird yesterday, and i’m wearing it at work with leggings. part of me is like, “awesome” and then part of me is like, “[nervous].”