a nice stranger with braces asked me on a date this morning on the BART platform

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oh, i’m taking a break from dudes for a while. like a “closed for business while we go to cape cod” kind of thing. except minus the fun cape cod part. so more like “closed for business while we assess the inventory, restructure our business, and decide if it’s actually feasible to reopen” kind of thing.

things i am thankful for and also one thing i am not thankful for

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here are a few things that i am thankful for:

patrick mcnamara’s nice nice nice thanksgiving text message
new york city
my mom
rental cars
having legs

here’s the thing that i’m not thankful for:

the yahoo! cafeteria rice krispie treats

i would probably weigh about 7-12 lbs less if they didn’t sell these mammoth temptations one floor beneath me. the number of times i’ve thought “it’s just puffed cereal and butter” is getting kind of uncomfortable.

14 years later

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bros, two months later, and i’m STILL loving that thermals record. like, possibly more than before, if it’s possible. [it’s not.] last night, i was walking home and listening to it, and i was like, “i’m totally fricking going to make a t-shirt that says ‘the best record of 2006 is the thermals’ the body, the blood, the machine.

the thermals “an ear for baby”

in other news, evans and i decided to start a wine bar blog where we review wine bars. yeah, we like wine bars. we also like sparks and knives, so we’re not exactly “sweating it.”