welcome back, coke zero

Posted: January 30th, 2007 | Tags: | 1 Comment »

at the beginning of the year, i decided to stop drinking diet sodas. bad for your neurons, liquid cancer, “if there’s one thing you do,” blah blah blah. but after a 1.5 months off the stuff, which was, admittedly, not hard to do, i found that i was eating more bad things as a replacement for the diet cokes. and getting rather plump. which is way worse, IMHO, than losing neurons. i mean, who needs neurons? will neurons find you a husband?

so you’ll be happy to know, coke zeros shall be injected back into my life, starting today.

also here’s a list of “things i don’t mind”:

coach buses
my mouthguard

and a few new things for my “things i love” list:

flying the redeye
the austin airport
open houses that make you take off your shoes and then say, “don’t worry about taking off your shoes”
talking about slitting throats

and a new list called “things i thought i liked but actually maybe i don’t like anymore because they make me feel sick”:

bailey’s irish cream

what happened, bailey’s? we were such fond friends at prom.