it was timber

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deborah eisenberg was in marfa recently (pictured above, far left), and she was BEAUTIFUL, incredibly stunning, 66 and wearing high-heeled boots, with chin-length-gray hair, she waved at me once as she walked to the get-go (why did she wave?! did she sense a compadre spirit?).

from an article about her, where she discusses meeting her partner of 30 years, wallace shawn:

“I fell in love,” she said. “It was timber.”


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great song. pink floyd, i am sorry that i mostly only know your work from classic rock stations and laser light shows.

so…my blowjob-tutorial DVD. last thursday, i watched a couple chapters before bed. after about 30 minutes, i was like, “maybe i’ve had my learning fill for tonight,” and turned off the light, and went to sleep. straight from DVD to dreamland. or nightmareland, because i proceeded to have a terrifying dream that both my sister AND my dad died in very horrible gruesome ways (sister was run over by a car). brain apparently sends message: “please don’t watch intense slightly violent porn blowjob videos right before bed.”