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meant to reblog ages ago from the imitable steve hely, mostly because the mentalist makes me laugh and the article about earl sweatshirt is interesting (be sure to check out the slideshow, HUMANITY, SAMOA, WATERFALLS, FUNNY PATTERNED SHORT SLEEVE BUTTON DOWNS):

Not my beat, but I just read the NY Times article about him [Earl Sweatshirt]:

In Samoa he was taking courses and speaking with therapists. He swam with whales and earned a scuba diving license, watched every episode of “The Mentalist” on DVD, put his classmates onto Lil B, began learning how to play piano. He read Manning Marable’s Malcolm X biography and Richard Fariña’s counterculture fiction.

Interesting article about fame, being a good person, mothers, etc.

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    […] has a melancholy sound, but might be reading into it based on this story. […]

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