a best friend gets married and helps friend clean mustard off her jeans

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been there (but not for radiohead)

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from the fader interview with aluna george:

My friend lived in Oxford and was a Radiohead mega-nerd, and he once saw Thom in a charity shop and followed him down the street like a stalker. ALUNA: I would do that! I cried at his gig and everyone around me was like “Are you okay?” and I was crying going, “I’m fine! I’m just a really big fan! Just don’t look at me!”


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to hot sex
to blogging on the regular
to becoming music visionary
to reading music blogs in my spare time
to having no ego
to making me boyfriend stoked about our life
to referring to porn as “puern”


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just got back to town, woke up early to do workout DVD, turned on DVD player expecting tracy anderson, but hot juggs appear! many hot juggs and many hot dicks. !!!!! googley eyes not what i was expecting morning surprise. ok, so what? obviously time to step up my sex game. in the sex department i’vd gotten kind of lazy (“does a lace bodysuit count as seduction”), BUT NO MORE. adamandeve.com, i am coming for you, with a WTF discount.

hot bolinas rental car

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sunsets by ann woo

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by ann woo.

'Sunset, Blue', 11"x14" ann woo

'Sunset, Purple', 11"x14" by Ann Woo

'Sunset, Pink', 11"x14" Ann Woo

'Sunset, Yellow', 11"x14" Ann Woo

'Sunset, Green', 11"x14" Ann Woo

'Sunset, Cyan', 11"x14" Ann Woo

'Sunset, Orange', 11"x14" Ann Woo

weather change

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weather changed today, huge noisy thunderstorm last night, made it damp and chilly out, halloweeny, which reminds me how great fall is, fall foliage, cool air, halloween, spookiness, and all day long i wanted to knock stuff over and admire my pseudo breathless outfit (wranglers, leather jacket, high tops, striped tee that ross cut so that it’s basically just two flaps of fabric held together by a neck) and now blasting “wrecking ball” and “everybody knows this is nowhere” on repeat and folding clothes and painting my nails and continuing to admire my outfit. read this advice column and well, actually, here’s the quote/spirit that i loved, why not treat even settled life this way:

You need to do these things with a sense of urgency. Why? Because you’re not staying there, that’s obvious. Los Angeles is a temporary situation for you, so live like it is.

Live every day like it might be one of your last in Los Angeles.

When I was in Los Angeles, I knew it was temporary, and yet I didn’t act it. I lived like I lived there. You should live like you’re on a working vacation. Yes you have a job to go to. But weekends and night should not be about establishing roots, getting into a routine, or relaxing with leftovers in front of the TV.

Because you’re leaving soon!

How soon, how knows? Maybe days, maybe months, maybe years, but you are leaving. Which means there are a lot of things you need to do before you leave.

and this is how i will close all emails

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carolyn's note from spa

this is how i will now address all emails

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bought wranglers on sunday at the thrift store, and then wore them last night with my leather jacket and felt like a tough guy. here is a picture of me gloating.