on the road to taos

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finally getting why these are so popular


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too many things to do in one day. not enough stamina. not enough heart strength. THOUGH this morning, after feeling rushed and ornery, i was able to squeeze in meditating (via DVD) with tibetan monks, doing laundry, doing my tracy anderson post-pregnancy workout (“after you’ve had the baby, your abdominal muscles are really asleep”) (were they ever awake, what baby, please ross don’t overhear this part), going to the gym for 25 short minutes, showering, emptying the trash, filling up my tires, filling up the car with gas, and dropping off the car with the oil change guys. more stuff than i’ve done in three weeks, probably. also last night ross suggested we move into this house together, which we would live in rent-free while he worked on it, which is like, basically, right, my dream? but a couple of months ago, he was (painfully) adamant about NOT moving in to that same house together, he wanted to move in by himself. does he really want us to both move in there? has he really changed his mind? i am excited but also confused and a little gunshy. also someone said this house has ghosts and obviously that is not my preferred home.

today rosa and i drove to a meeting in her car and i was like “wow the air smells so good and woody” and she said “oh that’s the wood in my back seat, do you want it” and i was like “yah” and now there’s a cedar block on my desk and i keep getting whiffs of it and jeesh cedar what the hell you are good.











note: lime cameo

this is a look i would like to recreate via thrift stores

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courtesy of le catch


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1. take vitamins
2. meditate
3. exercise
4. go on silent meditation retreat (maybe)
5. read more
6. read more nonfiction
7. learn more about politics, the globe, philosophy, critical theory, history, basically everything
8. take day trips
9. get my oil changed
10. buy as little new clothing as possible (with the exception of a new pair of jeans?)
11. appreciate everything



loved this

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an important p(res)en(t)

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jennifer lawrence

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let’s be honest, cannot resist jennifer lawrence. quote from the vanity fair interview:

She [Jennifer Lawrence] pointed out some stray queso, which had ended up on my chin.

“I have no feeling in my face,” I said, wiping it off. “People are always telling me, ‘You got something there.'”

“Wait,” Lawrence said. “Do I not have feeling in my face? Because that happens to me all the time. People are always telling me I have things on my face. Now I’m going to start saying I can’t feel my face.”

shirley temple three

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a story that stayed with me.  thomas pierce’s “shirley temple three.”

On the computer it said prehistoric mammoths ate grasses, fruits, twigs, berries, and nuts. In the pantry Mawmaw has a tub of mixed nuts. She pours some cashews and almonds and pecans into a metal bowl and takes it outside, to where the mammoth has stuck its trunk through one of the squares of the metal gate. The trunk recoils when she places the bowl in front of it. It doesn’t seem very interested in the nuts.

“Take it or leave it,” Mawmaw says and goes back in to slip into her faded red nightgown and swallow one of her pills. She sleeps hard until midnight, when a car in the driveway wakes her up. She’s not in bed but at her desk, half her toenails painted dark red, the computer printing a ninety-page document about the dangers of lead-based paint. Her pills can have that effect sometimes.

huell howser

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I heard somewhere that you want to die on the air …

I want it to happen at the end of a show. I’m saying my goodbyes to everyone and then suddenly I clutch my heart and fall over. The credits roll as the dust covers me and everyone at home says, ‘Well, Huell had a good run but I think that’s his last episode.’ … I want to be cremated. I’ve made a list of my favorite 20 places in California, and it’s going to be a two-week vacation where [my sister and her husband] come to California and get my urn full of ashes and go to these 20 places, staying in the best hotels, eating at the finest restaurants, and at each place they leave a piece of Huell. I’ve got it exactly mapped out.

— California’s Gold host Huell Howser, who died today, talking about how he wanted to go out, in Pasadena Weekly