making pat’s salsa

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so glad divya kept this. so much in that salutation.

recipe for pat's salsa


rag & bone

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courtesy of la garconne

#is he crying?

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greatness at earthquake weather:

Gandhi vs. Tenenbaum

Ironically, I just filmed some footage for a friend of mine at the Forest Hills Tennis Center, a great old stadium where the US Open used to be played, as well as a venue for acts like the Beatles, Sinatra, the Stones and Dylan. In the late 80s, after the US Open moved to Flushing and the community board halted concerts, its been little used and fallen into some disrepair.

It’s soon to be renovated with the intention of bringing concerts back to the stadium – and we were hired to capture a bit of the “before” stage. Built originally in 1923, it has a great, musty, slightly overgrown feel to it, with weeds and trees winding their way through the old wooden benches of the stadium….complete with a feral cat family setting up shop in the old storage rooms.

A recent NYT article about the rennovations and upcoming concerts here.

Little did I know it was also the set for Richie’s epic meltdown, against the one and only Gandhi. There’s a shot in there with Gene Hackman (I think that’s Hackman) in a straw hat sitting in the last row, in front of a stone eagle. I can confirm, those eagles are still there.

It was a strange day out there in Windswept Fields.

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good logo

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lynx records logo


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clyde ears

to try to do the right thing

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Art Streiber for The New York Times. Prop stylist: Jamie Dean Studio. Insects by Graham Owen.

Photo by Art Streiber for The New York Times

from the 2011 ny times magazine interview with mike white:

Because White’s film characters tend to elicit existential discomfort, he often gets pegged as a satirist. “I don’t know,” he said. “I think I’m more of an absurdist than a satirist. I think I’m more of a — humanist? I hate to say it!” This made him laugh. But it’s an accurate description, in the sense that he returns again and again to the subject of what it’s like and what it means to be human — to try to do the right thing, to screw up, to feel bad, to try again.

my office right now

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there is no safe-for-work picture of a steam room/sauna, but you get the idea.


no but seriously

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ice cream cake

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red-white-blue-cake_608 accidentally wrote “ice cram cake.”


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picked up clyde, got a beer, came back to work, drank beer quickly, immediately no longer want to be at work.


meanwhile, listening to this bobby blue bland song.