portland review

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conclusion: portland is EDEN.

other things of note:

  1. held dan’s new baby amos! misty-eyed event #1
  2. saw frances ha at the laurelhurst, mixed on the movie, though that is the best theater in america
  3. had lovely meal at navarre
  4. had lovely meal at dove vivi
  5. had lovely tomato sandwich at grand central
  6. had lovely croissant breakfast sandwich at grand central, different location
  7. had lovely egg scramble at tammy’s
  8. did a lot of eating apparently
  9. partied with hazel, GREAT KID
  10. saw awesome friends
  11. knocked over entire tape display domino style at mississippi records
  12. had my teeth cleaned
  13. fell in love with new seasons all over again, THE FRUIT, MY GOD
  14. went to groovy portland wedding, misty-eyed event #2 (a trio played “that’s how strong my love is” as the couple walked down the aisle, auto-tear-duct-tapper)
  15. bought dave’s killer bread, two loaves only
  16. discovered new bbq flavor of sun chips, does not yet exist in west texas
  17. took world’s worst restaurant dining photograph


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dream life

abandoned love

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via aquarium drunkard:

During a surprise appearance in NYC on the eve of his Rolling Thunder Revue tour, the songwriter debuted “Abandoned Love” for a tiny, obviously thrilled crowd, who probably assumed that this brilliant tune would be the centerpiece of Dylan’s next LP. And indeed, he attempted laying it down in the studio for Desire, but not to his satisfaction — that version wasn’t released ‘til the mid-80s on Biograph. Listening to the fire in his voice on this tape, you can see why; the studio version is positively watered down. “My head says that it’s time to make a change,” he sings, somehow sounding tortured and delighted all at once. “But my heart is telling me: I love you but you’re strange.”

Bob Dylan :: Abandoned Love (Live 1975)

enjoying this

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Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 1.01.12 PM

screenshot of my budgets folder. THE ULTIMATE PERPLEXION

headed to portland tomorrow!!!!!! on my to-do list:

1. buy cetaphil soap, good drawing pens, five loaves of tom’s killer bread, and possibly new fitted sheet
2. eat a grand central tomato sandwich, what about two
3. see a movie at the laurelhurst
4. go to mississippi records
5. go to powell’s, look at fantasy and sci-fi books
6. visit old haunts
7. get my teeth cleaned
8. meet dan’s new baby amos
9. see great pals
10. have a pacific northwest blast



another picture? so soon?

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“the awkward pet”
“the awesome sandal”

hot pink marfa street

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new style icon

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thought it was time for a picture

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  • more gray
  • less enthusiasm
  • slightly more naomi watts chipmunk cheeks
  • more love of world music
  • more acne
  • more boys peach-colored polos
  • same level of cookie devotion


in the same vein

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Suno Jumpsuit

from suno’s resort 2014 collection

the quilts of gee’s bend

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q002-04_jpg q026-03_jpg q033-04a_jpg

More here.