may be in love with kareem abdul-jabbar

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awesome interview with kareem abdul-jabbar, “Kareem: 20 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was 30” (via this tumblr). he quotes jean-luc picard, schopenhauer & the movie colors, calls himself “K,” makes flan, talks being a secret nerd. also he’s SEVEN TWO.

19. Do more yoga. Yes, K, I know you do yoga already. That’s why you’ve been able to play so long without major injuries. But doing more isn’t just for the physical benefits, it’s for the mental benefits that will come in handy in the years ahead, when your house burns down, your jazz collection perishes, and you lose to the Pistons in a four-game sweep in your final season.

and from his wikkipedia page: he was an only!!!! and originally named ferdinand!!!! and weighed a lot when born!!!!

Abdul-Jabbar was born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr., on April 16, 1947, and grew up in Harlem in New York City, the only child of Cora Lillian, a department store price checker, and Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Sr., a transit police officer and jazz musician. At birth, he weighed 12 pounds, 10 ounces (5.73 kg), and was twenty-two-and-a-half inches (57.2 cm) long.


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