we’re all messes

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from my new favorite blog, describing the book silent wife:

But most people are damaged. It is not merely women, though women are, I think, often damaged in… particular ways that have unique challenges for overcoming. I mean, let’s not glamorize anything, life is a mess. We’re all messes. It’s how much of our mess we’re able to keep (or not) from spilling out that marks our lives.

this blog

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this blog is making me laff and laff. i have only read two posts so don’t take me word for it, but go ahead and toolbar bookmark this please:

I put the dry ingredients together and mixed them up, I then realized I could have just mixed the ingredients together in the mixer bowl. As a lazy person, I was so irritated with myself. I should know better. Never give yourself more to wash than absolutely necessary. That is one of my ten commandments.

in other news,  here are the best rolling stones songs [UPDATED]:

wild horses
let it loose (especially the background singer around 4:35ish)
doo doo doo doo doo (heartbreaker) (YES TWO OFF GOATS HEAD SOUP WHO KNEW)
miss you
rocks off
she’s a rainbow
ruby tuesday (partially from nostalgia)
paint it, black (nostalgia)
under my thumb (nostalgia)
i am waiting
torn and frayed
moonlight mile
stray cat blues

i know a lot of people like “loving cup” and “dead flowers” but not me as much. i count myself as a semi rolling stones expert, as i have 65% of their records, including emotional rescue, which no one really respects, and i even kind of liked “love is strong” on steel wheels (maybe because the video played endlessly on VH-1, which was the channel of choice when i worked at star pizza, summer ’94) (also explains my love for counting crows “round here”). actually maybe this disqualifies me as a semi-rolling stones expert.

good things, wednesday edition

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  • driving out to vizcaino park twice
  • seeing our mural still there, after two years, even though we used temp paint
  • holden rushing asking to be my friend on facebook (!!!!! what could have been)
  • free coffee



i wouldn’t make it

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Chris Carter, with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Courtesy of NY Magazine.

from the new york magazine interview with the creator of the x-files, chris carter:

We’re talking fifteen- to sixteen-hour days?
Oh, every day. Even if you’re not at work, you’re thinking about the show. Because we had these large orders, we worked eleven and a half months a year with two weeks off. If you weren’t thinking about the show in those two weeks and coming up with ideas and getting ready to go, you were already behind. There’s a famous Rod Serling quote that Darin Morgan told me — he said that if he dropped his pencil, he was two weeks behind. That’s the nature of the television business.

this looks so fuckin good

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Pancalist, 2012, Charline Von HeylCharline von Heyl, Pancalist, 2012

great interview with artist and marfa resident charline von heyl:

Anything that comes to von Heyl easily is rejected. She loves to throw herself off-stride and disrupt her natural rhythms. This, she believes, forces her to invent unlikely solutions. Take, for example, Carlotta, one of several new works hanging nearby that will go on view in von Heyl’s solo show at the Petzel Gallery in New York in September. Like most of her paintings, it’s a layered composition of clashing forms and colors—black dots, a citrus lemon and black panel, an eye, a mouth—and a far cry from its first incarnation. “This whole painting was covered in green gestures that were brought out with charcoal, and I thought, This looks so fuckin’ good,” she recalls. “I mean, I could have sold it in a nanosecond. But it was like a premature ejaculation: It was already ready. It felt frustrating. So I destroyed it by imposing a shape on it—the shape of a face. I wanted it to have the power of a face without becoming a face. Because in the end, it’s all about shapes.”

same face

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this person came up on my facebook feed and i started looking at her profile pix on my phone:




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carrie nation

watching prohibition, and the bit about temperance leader carrie nation is bonkers. some background from wikipedia:

Nation gathered several rocks – “smashers”, she called them – and proceeded to Dobson’s Saloon on June 7. Announcing “Men, I have come to save you from a drunkard’s fate,” she began to destroy the saloon’s stock with her cache of rocks. … Alone or accompanied by hymn-singing women she would march into a bar, and sing and pray while smashing bar fixtures and stock with a hatchet. Her actions often did not include other people, just herself. Between 1900 and 1910 she was arrested some 30 times for “hatchetations,” as she came to call them.

some quotes from prohibition:

After she was jailed for destroying a saloon:
“You put me in here a cub, but I will go out a roaring lion, and I will make all hell howl.”

To the ladies of the Topeka WTCU who distanced themselves from her methods:
“I tell you ladies, you don’t know how much joy you will have, until you begin to smash, smash, smash.”

To the governor of Kansas, who implored her to stop:
“She told him if he didn’t enforce the law, she had no choice. ‘You are a woman,’ he said, ‘and a woman must know a woman’s place.’ She walked out of his office and called for a hatchetation.”

(photo courtesy of the kansas historical foundation)

(eerie resemblance to patton oswalt)

good god

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QUESTION: I work for a homeless newspaper, and I encounter a lot of writing by people who are mentally divergent. In your years of self-confessed madness and drug abuse, did you have any moments of clarity?

MILCH: Once I was burying myself in Mexico . I had sold my passport to some criminals, and I got drawn further in by steps, as these things usually happen. There was a lunatic chemist who contracted a stomach ache, and a consort of his named Yum-Yum decided to treat it with an enema. Turns out he had peritonitis and she killed him. We were all down there illegally, so I was digging this guy’s grave, and I tossed the body in. I figured I should grab his ID just in case I eventually decided to do the right thing and contact his relatives, and found my own passport that I had sold six months before. That was a moment of clarity, but thanks to liberal amounts of chloroform, it didn’t last.

(interview with television writer david filch, via hely times, from MIT communications forum)

(now reading this and this)

life is beautiful

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Interviewed on the BBC a year or so before his death, Pinter was accused of being overly pessimistic about life and politics. He replied, Ms. Fraser writes, with a line that could stand as his motto: “Life is beautiful but the world is hell.”

— from the New York Times Book Review of Antonia Fraser’s Must You Go?: My Life With Harold Pinter

beer 4 dogs

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BEER4DOGSclyde at lajitas resort, interested in getting on bed

riley and i were talking about how much dogs like beer, or how much clyde likes beer, and we were wondering if they like it because it makes them drunk, or because they like the taste. dog taste test coming soon. then we decided we should make beer for dogs. could be novelty item at breweries — “bring a brew home for your dog”

“BEER 4 DOGS, BY DOGS” (if dogs make the beer)

“BEER 4 DOGS, BY DAWGS” (if me and courtney make the beer)