second, a word about new york

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a good new york trip (tho heavy emz for 1-2 days). highlights:

1. tv in my bedroom!
2. delicious coffee with dan every morning
3. early morning chill time with amos
4. manicure with berry
5. rosa being so awesome, whiskey with rosa, rosa helping with the event
6. all those nice friends coming to the show
7. delicious queens diner breakfast with thu and john, oh the potatoes!
8. successful meetings (“i’m a real worker”)
9. sitting in wrong movie theater with greg
10. after party with greg and his filmmaker friend who wanted to keep talking to us (greg hated it, but i loved it, this never happens in marfa, we all know everyone, such a treat to be elusive/mysterious/unfamiliar/unknown and be able to LEAVE without any repercussions)
11. late night buvette dinner/ fake french waiter / all fake french waiters / chocolate mousse (why not)
12. all day saturday free / evans stops by / in pajamas till 2 pm / coffee in triplicate / dinner party shopping / spraying monocle perfume at bird / restraining all shopping tendencies
13. champagne
14. dinner party with old friends

first, a word about the fox

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one bonus of driving to or from el paso on sunday afternoons: the fox jukebox with mike guerrero. oldies + requests + rarities, a great driving soundtrack.

the juekboxoldies tough guy


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cried during graham performance

cried on plane

cried this morning while holding baby



i’m not really a career person

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i’m not really a career person. i’m a gardener basically.

– george harrison

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“A walk is always filled with significant phenomena, which are valuable to see and feel.”

—Robert Walser, The Walk (trans. Christopher Middleton)

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coincidentally christopher middleton was my short fiction professor in college. but he gave me a B in the class and is therefore dead to me.
nicole, grade grubber for life

rainbow loom

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extremely randomly was reading about the bracelet-weaving kit, rainbow loom, and then watched some of the instructional videos (slow/not slow day). the end 20 seconds, yes:

a good tweet

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RT from helytimes:


it all works out in the eggs

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Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 1.58.03 PM

a secret kate bush obsession

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good article over at pitchfork about outkast (favorite article about them here; discussed here). more about the name “outkast”:

Earlier aliases included 2 Shades Deep and the Misfits—the latter nixed after a teenaged discovery of Glenn Danzig. Both were literal outcasts as new students in the 10th grade at Tri Cities High. Andre skateboarded, wore floral print shirts, and rode BMX bikes. He grew up across the street from the projects, where they watched fights out of the window for fun.

Big Boi soaked up a country influence during his early years in Savannah. In high school, he maintained a 3.68 grade point average and a secret Kate Bush obsession.

the baggage pie

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The Baggage Pie by Ann Friedman

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so good. accuracy = 100%