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Are you bold enough to join the Bold Flavor Experiment?

























R U BOLD ENUFF?????????

R U R U R U???????????

You could win $1000 in real gold!*


ode to emmanuelle alt

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16.nocrop.w1800.h1330 Emmanuelle Alt

officially the tired looking woman

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i love this blog. courtesy of saipua:
I’ve been reading things I shouldn’t be reading like this book called The Sixth Extinction and biographies on Tchaikovsky. When I say ‘biographies’ I mean the wikipedia page. Regardless. It’s the wrong sort of reading for me right now. I’ve not been feeling so hot. Mentally, and also physically. And also not ‘hot’ like in the way women who look good feel.  I am officially the tired looking woman at Hannaford (our grocery store) who writes comment cards repeatedly advocating for the stocking of ‘chubby hubby’ ice cream. The teenage boy takes my card (again) and calls me ma’am.
This too will pass. Days in, and days out.

good thing

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style inspiration # 55847867586756253

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mary louise mogensenmary louise mogensen, designer of baserange. courtesy of dossier.

i love this photo

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My English friend Georgia Frost came to visit me in NZ. We took some portraits out on the ferry deck. Cook Strait, 2013. Photo by Harriet Were.

(via black magazine nz)


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via roxanegay:

When I showered this morning, I played music, loud. The bass vibrated through the floor and I thought, “This is the way I hoped adulthood would be.”

rick moody

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Rick Moody

Rick Moody — ”The Ice Storm”

“I always sort of thought I’d be a failure. I still sort of think I might be a failure. So just having a book out in the world makes me very happy. I didn’t much think, at first, about whether it was going to sell a lot of copies.’

(from “Why these famous authors write – and why you should,” via the washington post)

how to handle all things in life

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realizing the best way to handle everything in life: let it roll off one’s shoulders. just with EVERYTHING. nothing is worth getting steamed about. or hurt about. literally nothing.


authentic self

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from saipua:

Eric made me watch some of the Grammys. It’s an awards show for music. Everyone was there! Carol King! Willie Nelson! Beyonce and Jay were there too and they performed together. Here is a video. I think Beyonce is her true authentic self. And I want my authentic self to look like her authentic self which is to say more feminine and dressed in less carhartt.

what does it mean to be one’s authentic self? keep thinking about it. my authentic self is probably sitting on a couch with a couple of friends with a lot of snacks watching “the nick kroll show” while it’s raining outside.