matthew craven

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matthew cravenmatthew craven, courtesy of his website, via apiece apart print edition

THE papa john

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hella in love with this look too

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Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 7.03.03 PMLEATHER

things i am having trouble doing

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– remembering to put on deodorant

– making a plan


hella in love with this look

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caroline de maigret

caroline de maigret

ok and one more ny mag bit

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The One Woman Who Cares Lots About Chris Martin’s Side of Things

Here’s Bridget Everett, lead singer of Bridget Everett and the Tender Moments. She cares a lot about Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay and co-lead at uncoupling. Upon hearing of the GOOP-Martin divorce, Everett hoisted her love-cries unto the internet. Here’s what she writes:

 bridgett everett's hilarious chris martin tweets

(via the cut)

“all of the pix of me & chris martin were lost in a fire”


i hope my dress didn’t go higher than my leg

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more from the awes jessica chastain:

You were on the Cannes red carpet the other night, and it was super windy and blowing your dress up. A bunch of headlines were like, “Jessica Chastain has her Marilyn Monroe moment!
That was so scary. To be honest, I knew as soon as I got off the carpet. I was like, “Oh my God. People are now going to be talking about that.” I mean, [Marilyn Monroe’s moment] was like absolute joy. Mine was horror! “Oh, God. Please. I hope my dress didn’t go higher than my leg.” Immediately after, I was like, “Nicole” — who’s my publicist — “Can you check to see if there was a Jessica Chastain wardrobe malfunction somewhere?”


jessica chastain is good

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from her interview with vulture (guess i’m spending some time on vulture today)

I work for Vulture, and we’re obsessed with your adorable Facebook page.
By the way, I’m trying to connect them all. I’m trying to connect my Instagram to my Facebook, because really, I can’t post to different things all the time. But what I love so much about social media — in the beginning, I was wary of it because I was just seeing pictures people were posting of themselves in their underwear. Just things that embarrass me. But what I love so much about Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, now that they’re all connected, is that you can use it as a place of gratitude, and of giving thanks.

Like the Donatella Versace roses.
Yes! Exactly! Which are right there! [Points to the window, where there’s a huge vase of what might be 100 white roses] Which is, like, the most roses I’ve ever gotten in my life. I want to say think you for things. I want to say thank you for the first female Saudi Arabian director [Haifaa Al-Mansourto], who made Wadjda. Or I wanted to write about Broken Circle Breakdown, the Belgian film. Or Oscar Isaacs, and how talented I think he is. So I try to keep it as a place of giving thanks, because I’ve been given so much.

With the roses you just wanted to be like, “Thanks, Donatella!”
Yeah, and also like, “Really?!” Like, I couldn’t even lift them! Someone lifted them and handed them to me. I don’t think I’d ever get used to something like that. I’m not blasé, you know? It’s still — crazy. But in a fabulous way. It’s not my everyday life, getting — I don’t even know how many roses that is.

Fifty, at least.
That’s only 50? No, it has to be more. That’s insane. It’s also the pot, too. Try to lift it.


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#1 SNL weekend update anchor per ny mag. agreed.

more proof that paris may be my spirit home

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F-Cocktails; the French ONLY want Champagne

“We only drink Champagne because it doesn’t make us fat and it won’t stain our clothes,” declared Laurent Richard, 34, a “100 percent true Parisian.” One sweet girl brought me something “much more exotic.” It was, oh, look, Champagne. With a splash of Campari.

(via nymag, “French Girls Don’t Get Wasted”)

and also let’s be honest, also this:

Parisians do not talk to strangers. This can be profoundly disconcerting to a New Yorker who’s used to freely bitching about life’s daily indignities with whoever happens to be in line with them at Duane Reade. If you comment to a Parisian in the métro that the un-air-conditioned car is particularly smelly today, they will give you a frightened look like you are a crazy person and turn away.

(via nymag, “Smoking Around Bébé: Things Parisians Do That Stun New Yorkers. And Vice Versa.”)