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awesome writing from mark richardson about his beginnings in music journalism (so good i had to actually write him and tell him so, i was opening my email as soon as i finished the piece, which happens NEVER):

Shortly after I got an email from the editor saying that he was going to fly up from Los Angeles and a photographer would be flying in from New York. They wanted me to use my contacts to assist in setting up photo shoots, and they wanted to meet with me about the piece. This was bad news for me because I had nurtured this fantasy that maybe I could somehow figure this thing out in private, not have my ignorance exposed to anyone else. But of course I said “Great!” and we made plans to meet for lunch on Market Street.

how many times have i had to be like, “totally!” about some show and been like, OH MY GOD HOW. deep deep anxiety with no mentor or guide to ask and then just sort of winging it. and waking up in the middle of the night being like, did i think of that, what about that, how do you do that. even thinking about it fills me with production anxiety.

and i have never lost these two feelings:

Down in the basement, I was amazed by the photographer’s willingness to do anything to get the shot. He didn’t care who he made mad or who he asked to move, he was utterly focused. He was setting up a tripod on a crowded club floor and anyone who didn’t like it could eat it. Meanwhile I talked to Adam about the piece. He told me that he had originally thought to approach Jeff Chang to write this piece, but he felt that Chang was a little over-exposed on this subject.

If you know anything about music writing, you know that Jeff Chang is one of the most important, perhaps THE most important, writers and critics in the history of hip-hop. This is some years before he wrote his canonical book Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, but even then he was very well known as a writer around the Bay. So when Adam the editor told me this, I thought to myself, “You really fucked this one up, dude. You should have called Chang.” Because I knew there was no way I could do anything a tenth as good as what he might do, no matter what this guy had read on our little webzine.

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