le burger extravagant

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There is literally nothing more entertaining than watching 2 Chainz eat this $300 burger.

I HIGHLY recommend watching this.

(via like a pair of bottle rockets)

“where did this idea come from? are you just a natural burger lover?”

my love for kanye is well-documented

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YO KANYE (via scrapbook)

forgot about the oh-no-no’s list

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oh no no (via scrapbook)

i know i keep quoting ask polly but come on it’s good

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from ask polly:

And when you stumble on a microcosm of people who seem restless and impatient … When someone can’t listen closely or can’t stop scanning a crowded room for someone else to talk to, when someone can’t talk to you because you don’t seem important enough, there’s a sickness in play. The irony is that the damaged are both seeker and rebuffer, rejecter and rejectee. There is no distinction between Don Draper and his awkward, striving underlings. They’re all locked into the same feeling of needing more understanding and approval from a cold, cruel world. But they are addicted to the chase, so they never really want to arrive anywhere.

… Some workplaces, some bosses, some friends, some relatives, some exes will never want you, and will never appreciate all of the amazing qualities you bring to the table. It has nothing to do with you. Forget them. Build those parts of you that make you feel peaceful and accepting and satisfied and soft and vulnerable. Make a religion out of letting go. You do great work, and everyone knows it. Don’t fixate on the indifferent. Keep yourself surrounded by people who look you in the eye, listen closely, and really seem interested in you as a person. Try to do the same for your friends.

had to read this after a meeting with my boss, about a great project we’re doing, where she offhandedly derided my work selecting the DJ for the LA party. super cool.

also in other news here is me at that LA party, apparently not doing a good job on the DJ selection, but frankly rocking the no-teeth smile. make your jokes about jailhouse outfits, but my nails are looking hella good (courtesy of ibiza nails, “WE THINK NAILS ARE IMPORTANT!”).



an angry, old hooker

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from ask polly:

Yep. Growing old is a motherfucker. Three years ago, a friend of mine died, and I felt sick about it, and I was losing sleep over money issues, and my writing felt stuck. And when I looked in the mirror (rarely!), I saw an angry, old lady with dark circles under her eyes, but when I tried to put on makeup to fix the problem, I just looked like an angry, old hooker instead. I mean sex worker. (See how old?)

Life IS a struggle. But that summer of Feeling Old, I flew home to my mom’s house, and instead of feeling flinty and annoyed by my mom, I was quiet. I noticed how organized she was and saw how she walked or went to her exercise class every single day. I noticed the new watercolor of her dog that she’d painted and framed. And then she made this great salad with Stilton and pine nuts and cold beet soup for dinner one night, and she poured us glasses of wine, and she told us about the birds she’d been seeing at the bird feeder outside her big window, and then she played the kids some bird calls from the special audio bird book she has. “Let’s find the eastern towhee,” she said. “That’s the one that sings, ‘Drink your TEE-HEE-HEE-HEE-EA!”

this came in my inbox yesterday

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At some point I signed up for Richard Sherman’s newsletter?sherman newsletter

dallas hair

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back from florida. wedding beautiful. hair remains gigantic fluffy from memory of humidity.

also: NO CANCER! !!!!!!!!!!! hysterectomy: YES! cancer: NO!


though it made a person think about priorities and such. what am i doing again? why slogging? how to not slog? how to embrace beaches and oceans and carry that forward? i’m going to go on a vision quest and figure it out. things i def love: working with photographers; poster designers; musicians. also relaxing.

also this is cracking me up.


bleary eyes / silver jews

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for some reason can’t open my eyes fully this morning.  they are like elderly mouse eyes.

also found this old silver jews session on wfmu (courtesy of aquarium drunkard).

after having those biopsies, i’m sort of LIGHTLY thinking about what i would do if i DID have cancer (very morbid, let’s be honest, but let’s be honest, what would i do?). part of me is like, no treatment, cash out my retirement, travel, see a lot of plays, read all of annie baker’s plays, move to paris for a couple of months, or greece, or the bahamas, swim in the ocean as much as possible, make those dog trucker hats, do montessori training.

not a big fan of getting wet in the morning

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jenna lyons, true hero:

My nighttime routine starts with a glass of wine. I actually shower at night. I’m not a big fan of getting wet in the morning.


But I don’t get my hair cut or dyed. I had a haircut disaster at 40. Actually, let me backtrack. At 30, I cut bangs and everyone said it was the biggest mistake of my life. Then for some reason, at 40, I took a picture of Alexa Chung and tried to get my hair cut like hers. I don’t look like her. My hair texture is nothing like hers. Who knows why I did it! A friend from California was staying with me, and her first reaction was, “Oh, my God, I thought you were wearing a wig.” I’ve been recovering from that haircut, which was years ago. I literally haven’t had my hair cut since.


But after having the kid, my hair stopped growing anyway. It also changed drastically in consistency. I don’t have words you can print to describe it: It’s thinner in some patches, coarser in others. Hence, the hairstyle.



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sexy beast

watched this again this past weekend. opening sequence so good.

(photo courtesy of ford on film)