how to beat the blues

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a.  what blues?

b. binge watch that ’70s show on netflix

c. text ryan j asking “what’s it all about”

d. get text back from ryan, “life is about trudging and loving and appreciating the now for all it’s worth”

one of the all-time greats

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moonstruck(via cord jefferson)

if it is all the same to you

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hemingway(via the paris review)

streep, hero, part 2

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more from terry gross’s 2012 interview with meryl streep, discussing a failed audition she had for 1970’s king kong remake:

GROSS: Did you worried that you were basically – I mean you haven’t been in any movies yet. So did you worry that word would spread about you that you were – that she spoke back to directors?

STREEP: A pain in the ass?

GROSS: Yeah. That you are a real pain and that you were, yeah, that you were problems, so like…avoid her?


STREEP: I am a pain in the ass.


STREEP: How can I hide it?

streep, hero

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john cazale, meryl streep, (Photo: Irv Steinberg/Globe Photos)

excerpt from meryl streep’s 2012 interview with terry gross, discussing streep’s boyfriend john cazale, who “appeared in only five films, all of which (The Godfather, The Godfather Part II, The Conversation, Dog Day Afternoon, The Deer Hunter) were nominated for a Best Picture Oscar,” before he died of cancer in 1978:

STREEP: Yes. We were not engaged but we were a couple. We lived together and, yes, for like three years. Mm-hmm.

GROSS: So he probably died not knowing how famous his roles were going to be, how famous those movies were going to be.

STREEP: … The Godfather movies were unbelievably popular and, you know, they were just, popular isn’t the word. They were…

GROSS: Well, they’ve entered into iconic.

STREEP: Yeah. Absolutely. And they did early. I mean early, early on. They had that importance, certainly, in New York where we lived. And, you know, we would walk along the street, and people would roll down the window and they’d go, “Hey, Fredo!” you know. And we could NEVER pay for a dinner, if we went to Little Italy. Never.

Which was great.

We went all the time.

(photo courtesy of new york mag)

top 5 things december

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  • this picture of kathryn’s son wearing a mustache i sent him, so naturally
  • getting in bed directly after work
  • breakfast at the san jose with carolyn
  • orange juice
  • wearing that fake fur i got from the thrift store that i was like, ugh why did i spend $18 on this, and then $44 on dry cleaning, but now understanding how a fake fur can kinda elevate the situation

my new chiropractor

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chiropractic and parking

this makes me want to get deep back into basketball

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5 times the NBA made me cry in 2014

5. kevin durant admitting caron butler moved him in a way he was unable to articulate during his mvp speech
4. just last week, watching donatas motiejunas dream shake on marc gasol
3. kawhi leonard in the finals
2. this
1. “she really touched your heart didn’t she?”

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courtesy of apiece apart
(via apiece apart)

new thing

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every day i go home and basically get into bed