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(opposite of this image)

took this brain health quiz and feel quite anxious about my results. think brain is about 40% less good than before living in marfa. my memory, attention, and spatial skills are weak (though surprisingly my speed is good). i blame drinking, anxiety, less sleep, my dumb job. i definitely blame my job. in honor of this, i will obsessively play online brain games and barely work today.

my passover needs.. (are great)

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this week ross is working on a film shoot down at cibolo creek (45 mins south of us) and gets up at 6:30am and comes back around midnight. we are only two days in, so not like a tour of duty or anything, but i’m basically on my own. so i’m really just gonna give in and do my own thing: walk the dog twice a day; eat like a bachelor (salad, spaghettios, cake); keep the kitchen clean; lightly clean out the fridge; do the laundry; take baths at 9pm; read my junky fantasy novel; watch the americans (good but not like, SO good); go to bed early (but slightly anxiously). yesterday i tried to sit in our living room and read and i did it but then i was like, gah let’s get out of here (to the bedroom). in other news, an interesting email in my inbox:



harris wittels

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meant to comment on harris wittels’ death, but was in the thick of work. too sad. i never notice folks on shows but i could not stop laughing at him and brett as the animal control guys on parks & rec. a great compilation of his work.

just loafed, i suppose

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pg speaking truthguys i have to do instagram for work and basically i kinda hate it. i used to enjoy it personally but now with work, i feel like it’s all just noise. not horribleĀ  noise but noise nonetheless. however: one bright spot: the paris review instagram. this one from their interview with pg wodehouse, winter 1975.

love this

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america rules

just talked to our tote bag company rep on the phone about reordering totes and got on the subject of made in america products (their totes are made in the USA). she confessed that she’s a “USA Made” advocate (!) (that’s a thing?!) (me too?) (extremely loosely?), then i started kinda going on about it and she had to cut me off. pressing tote business, maybe. but not before she referred me to her instagram.

tote bag enthusiast / USA made advocate / mom / wife / new hampshire-ian / berkshire born / knitter / walker / account manager

people have their things!!!!!


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whoa bros a lot has happened since i last wrote. like: i’m taking an emergency austin trip to fix a tooth (filling problems?); accidentally wore bike shorts underneath my jumpsuit to work today; threw a music festival (successful but complicated); was pretty unchill during said music festival; cried multiple times (privately) during said music festival; went to el paso; realized eating corn chips is really bad for my broken tooth; got my hair blown out twice in preparation for music festival and did truly consider maybe doing it every week, like an old lady, actually let’s be honest, i have not washed my hair since, in hopes that it will magically resolve; watched all of that unbreakable kimmy something show on netflix; paid $20 for interstellar at the hotel in el paso and fell asleep immediately; accidentally wrote interstallar — a different, less correct movie; got the best accidental car wash of my life (came with a $130 oil change). hasn’t been my best month, TO BE HONEST. though hasn’t been my worst month, either. think the worst month was when i quit my job at powis parker in 2000 and was doing odd jobs, and signed up for one on craigslist, where i had to hand stuff out at the santa clara mall (!). the day of, i had to wear khakis (!!) and meet my contact at a donut shop (!!!). then we drove to location #2 to pick up more staffers, where my contact realized he had contracted too many people, so he offered $20 (CA$H) to anyone who would forfeit the job. you do not have to tell me twice. i took the $20, got out of the car, walked home, embraced freedom. it reminds me of this time when i had to have minor outpatient surgery, but i had forgotten to call insurance, so i was lying on the pre-op bed, in my gown, at 7am, worrying about how i probably should have called and gotten pre-certification, but then the doctor came in and was like, “our generators went out. we have to cancel surgeries for the day.”

today was kinda lame

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someone yelled at me; coworker(s) is frustrated with me; contractor stormed out of meeting; artist in town had panic about our instagram post. SUPER COOL. mom said my horoscope was 5 stars, so like, universe, what gives? one bright spot, we’re working with this PR firm in LA and they are so awesome. they are like real hardworking people who can joke around but deliver results and are super open and funny and refreshing and no frontin. i told them i’d do this interview and make a playlist for them (why wouldn’t i!??!? the fun part of my job is listening to music and enjoying it and thinking about it and honestly i hardly ever have any time to do that, so please, any excuse to marinate with music). anyway, louise wrote back this:

why can’t everybody i work with be as accommodating as you because this is how i usually feel

good gif

also last night i was so tired from work, got home at 10:30pm, did a crossword, and fell asleep watching cheers.