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catching up lightly on helytimes (new steez at work is to watch documentaries in the background, on headphones, so therefore am trying to watch the robert e. lee doc steve recommended RIGHT NOW) (the truth is i just did this once and only halfway and not terribly successfully, as i couldn’t really WATCH the documentary, i could only listen, and very sporadically) (so when i say “new steez,” i mean “something i have unsuccessfully tried once”). anyway, catching up on helytimes and liked this:

As for naming schools after him [robert e. lee]?  Sure — maybe it’s a good lesson about how you can have some amazing qualities but be wrong about the most important things of your age.  Kids can be reminded every day to ask “what might I be wrong about? what are we ALL wrong about?”

But also who cares?  We can and should change our heroes as time goes on.  Name it after the next guy.  Name all those schools after Harriet Tubman or Sally Ride.  Or Francis Perkins or Bayard Rustin.

both points so good. love the idea of reassessing one’s self just based on the school’s name: every day being thoughtful, connecting to, and questioning. but also love moving into the future and embracing all the new (old) heroes, like harriet tubman, my childhood hero.

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