it is strictly forbidden (to make noise of any kind)

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oprah part 7891010

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she looks insane, in the best way. “the good news: 30 pairs of fall’s best boots. the bad news: you’re gonna want them all!”

all the sunrises and sunsets

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so lovely, from the ny times weekend update:

Here’s a literal heads-up on the superblood moon tonight (sky above you, 10:11 p.m. Eastern). The rare combination of a close lunar pass and an eclipse will make the moon appear large and reddish for more than an hour. “You’re basically seeing all of the sunrises and sunsets across the world, all at once, being reflected,” said a NASA scientist.


ok the latest

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ok so back from italy! it was awesome, i need to do a wrap-up post, i will do one, but work is far too bananas right now. my last day is next wednesday! all i have to do is finish everything, plot our exhibition opening on friday, plan an event in november, get our new online shop up and running, and write down and explain everything i’ve learned in the past five years. will it happen. prob not. but you never know. is it dangerous to drink coffee at 8:22pm? too bad, it’s happening. in other news, we had a mouse in our house upon our return, so we put some parmesan in a mouse trap, and the next morning, we found the little guy in the trap. i felt sad even though i knew what was supposed to happen. he fell for it. that little slice of parmesan.

listen, i’m luther vandross, let’s get things straight

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darlene love discussing singing backup for luther vandross:

“Power of Love (Love Power),” Luther Vandross (1991)   
“Luther was the last person I ever sang background for. He was the only person that was serious about background singers. Luther was the greatest, because he started out in the business as a background singer, so his sessions were always so much fun. He always had the greatest background singers. When it was time to work, we worked. He was never one of those people that was like, ‘Listen, I’m Luther Vandross, let’s get things straight.’

i just love the idea of luther vandross saying, “listen, i’m luther vandross, let’s get things straight.” also surprising info about him from wikipedia:

He won a total of four Grammy Awards in 2004 including the Grammy Award for Song of the Year for a song recorded not long before his death, “Dance with My Father”. The song was co-written with Vandross’ friend and protégé, Richard Marx.

!!!!! marx and vandross?! protégé and mentor?!


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from a children’s book explaining ancient rome:
slaves taking a break


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imagefrom the tyrrhenian sea