live from my spam folder

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seems like a cruel way to spread an email virus: trick people who are hopeful for (strangely solicited) work (“an empty post, as a secret consumer”)

Good Day

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gratitude + tiny embedded nyc 2015 recap

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best halloween costume

thankful for:

  • this picture, courtesy of greg
  • pasta, specifically, those pasta sheets at via carota, oh my god
  • our pretty faux amish waitress at via carota
  • clyde, jacob, teddy, all pets everywhere
  • meeting greg on the last car of the bergen stop of the F train and almost blowing it by getting on without understanding that i wasn’t supposed to get on without seeing him first, BUT it all worked out, namasté
  • friends who put double extra blankets on beds in preparation for a friend sleeping
  • dan making delicious coffee every day
  • listening to classical music LPs at dan’s
  • bagel parties at eric’s
  • eating pie for breakfast
  • plays, yes i said it, PLAYS!
  • wine slamming in faux irish pubs before plays
  • becky and julie and dan willing to eat at a once-great, now-brassy restaurant that played red hot chili peppers loudly throughout dinner, just because i wanted to go there (ugh red hot chili peppers, why)
  • ross
  • amos! levi! fox! nora! dorothy! all the babies in all the land that i love so much
  • family
  • all the best friends
  • mobility
  • health
  • laptop
  • starting to watch the sopranos with mom
  • mystery novels that you accidentally skim to get to all the juicy plot stuff
  • white wine
  • chile con queso
  • accidentally leaving my phone in houston for my journey to the east coast (not that hard actually — only things i missed: talking to ross; google maps; ny times daily update; the occasional text; taking photos — the rest is prob garbage)
  • potential of eating pancakes at le peep with kathryn and her children tomorrow morning. “le peep: just getting the breakfast job done”
  • not living in new york
  • drives to albany to visit chookbuttercup in dan’s car listening to dan’s iphone and rediscovering this kinks song i once put on a mix

Zicam Total Immune plus Performance Support Orange Burst melt

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tracy anderson on her daily approach to health:

I have my workout come 9, 9:30, and I am popping a Zicam Total Immune plus Performance Support Orange Burst melt in my mouth right before my workout.


People need to learn to take care of that little tiny kid inside of them and learn how to put their adult diapers on and show up for their health. If you don’t give yourself a healthy option, then basically you’re an adult that’s not wearing diapers and you’re making a mess everywhere of your health. It’s really that simple.


all this and more

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IMG_1161live from a lawyer conference in new jersey

what is cookie butter

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[end question]

then she goes into a jazzy part

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ruth bader ginsburg & gloria steinem courtesy of ny times

from Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Gloria Steinem on the Unending Fight for Women’s Rights”:

GS: I think Ruth is better at getting along with people with whom we profoundly disagree. I feel invisible in their presence because I’m being treated as invisible. But what we want in the future will only happen if we do it every day. So, kindness matters enormously. And empathy. Finding some point of connection.

RBG: Sometimes not listening helps, too. Do you know about this opera “Scalia/Ginsburg” by a talented musician who went to law school? Scalia’s opening aria is: “The Justices are blind. How can they possibly spout this? The Constitution says nothing about this.” And I answer: “You are searching in vain for a bright-line solution for a problem that isn’t so easy to solve. But the beautiful thing about our Constitution is that, like our society, it can evolve.” Then she goes into a jazzy part. Let it grow.

you know, i would roll with jar-jar in my squad

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this is a pretty good episode of over/under!

who mewho mewho mewho me

kind and curious

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from an interview with daniel jones, editor of the ny times column modern love:

Q. O.K., tell us, what, after reading thousands of tales, have you learned about modern love?

A. Hard question to answer in just a paragraph or two! I’ve learned that in love it’s best to be kind and curious. You can make a relationship or marriage last a long time through simple kindness, and you can experience a lot of joy in life by being curious and openhearted about what’s to come.

 also loving this song


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The dedication in Gloria Steinem’s new book is incredibly moving

The dedication in Gloria Steinem’s new book is incredibly moving

(via aminatou)

being by linda gregg

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The woman walks up the mountain
and then down. She wades into the sea
and out. Walks to the well,
pulls up a bucket of water
and goes back into the house.
She hangs wet clothes.
Takes clothes back to fold them.
Every evening she crochets
from six until dark.
Birds, flowers, stars. Her rabbit lives
in an empty donkey pen. The sea is out
there as far as the stars.
Always quiet.
No one there. She may not believe
in anything. Not know
what she is doing. Every morning
she waters the geranium plant.
And the leaves smell like lemons.


“Being” by Linda Gregg from In the Middle Distance. © Graywolf Press. Reprinted with permission. Courtesy of the Writer’s Almanac.