burger king bonkers marketing continues

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incrediblemore strange genius here and here

this seems civilized

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sometimes, i do

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enjoyed this bit about new york city’s double-decker bus tours:

“A lot of New Yorkers are ignorant of what we’ve got over here,” said Brian Prince, 56, a longtime tour guide for Gray Line [an open-air, red double-decker bus NYC tour line].

Mr. Prince, who was raised on Staten Island and lives in the Bronx, has logged roughly 17,000 tours and 9,000 miles on the buses since 1993, he told us.

“I could do this tour in my sleep,” he said. “Sometimes, I do.”

an existence largely shaped by dark matter

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Walton watching his Portland Trail Blazers play in 1975, his foot immobilized by an injury. Bettman/Getty Images

Walton watching the Portland Trail Blazers play in 1975, his foot immobilized by an injury. Bettman/Getty Images. Courtesy of the New York Times.

interesting article about bill walton, the basketball player and announcer, who i grew up listening to:

I had come to San Diego to speak with Walton about his life: the magic rainbows interweaving over the bottomless, flaming abyss. He tells that story in his new book, the amazingly subtitled “Back From the Dead: Searching for the Sound, Shining the Light and Throwing It Down.” For an athlete’s biography, the book is surprisingly fatalistic: It begins with Walton on the brink of suicide and ends with many of his friends dying. It suggests an existence largely shaped by dark matter — all the things that didn’t happen, that never coalesced, that went missing.

and his miraculous growth spurt!

At 14, Walton blew out his knee in a pickup game. It was during his recovery from that injury, while he lay in bed for three months, that Walton hit his improbable growth spurt: He got in bed at 6-foot-1 and got out at 6-foot-7½. This is one of the many ways in which Walton’s basketball life seems mythological: The injury and the growth, the gift and the curse, were one.

maybe i need to make a solo trip to abiquiu

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    Evening      Georgia O’Keeffe       1916



Georgia O’Keeffe


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trying to catch up on everything

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this was me during the festival: note the two ski tracks between my eyes; them is permanent. now i’m trying to catch up and comb through all the things that struck up my interest and read and catch up cuz shortly i have to figure out the future: what next?! what is next?! accepting answers [i.e., begging for answers]. april and possibly, hopefully, may/june is freelance production work, then…GAPING MAW OF DARKNESS.

INTERESTS: friends; babies; drawing; reading; reading to kids; doing non-good yoga; watching movies; writing my blog; reading internet stuff; feminism; job equality; hospitality; being a good boss; being good to people; kindness; sustainability; libraries; helping musicians make dreams come true, but only on the very top level; listening to grown up rock and roll; listening to scuzzy punk rock and roll; being good at things; rain.

excellent life advice from jonah

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Be Anjelica Huston. Order the cheeseburger. But it’s your job.

so when you were writing you weren’t lonely

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from “Robert Caro Wonders What New York Is Going To Become” — where caro talks about researching his book in the  main branch of the New York Public Library and the other writers who worked there:

There were other famous writers, like Barbara Tuchman had been there, she had just left when I got there. And then there were a bunch of writers like me, who no one knew. Like, Susan Brownmiller, she wrote a book called Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape, and it was groundbreaking. Susan had the next desk from me, and no one had ever heard of her either, and her editor wasn’t returning her calls. We used to make a bet, whose editor would return our call first! [Laughs]

Sometimes the bet would go on for a long time, but I still remember Susan’s feet. She wore these socks with bright horizontal stripes, and she’d stick them under this partial carrel, so they’d be sticking under my desk, and when I was writing I’d see them. So when you were writing you weren’t lonely.

some enchanted cracker

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IMG_4788 trader joe’s marketing: APPROVE

mos def

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