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clarence clemonsCLARENCE

(inspired by earthquake weather)

RIP katherine dunn

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geek love

this book is perm burned onto my brain. RIP katherine dunn. (via willamette week)

i will find you. and i will kill you.

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the mindy project / morgan tookers


morgan: Ashley, could I have your phone number?
ashley: You know, I’m…a little too busy for dating right now.
morgan: This would be a very fast date. Yeah. Like… like ten minutes. That’s all I can afford.
ashley: Okay. … I’m gonna give you my email. I’m gonna give you my work email.
morgan: Hold on. Here you go [handing her a pen]. Here, here, here, look at that. You write down some way of getting in touch with you, and I will find you.
ashley: Okay.
morgan: I will find you. And I will kill you.
ashley: [startled]
morgan: It’s from “Taken.” It’s from “Taken.”

malerie marder

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went to this opening last night — i was just going to pop in for a sec, but i walked in and it was a photography show and i was like, whoa this artist’s name — malerie marder —  is DEEPLY familiar. it turned out marder was in this harper’s bazaar article from 2000 about 6 female photographers that i ripped out and had taped to my wall for YEARS. i was just deeply inspired by these female artists doing it and living it and being cool as hell — it was like the embodiment of everything i wanted in my life. not that i wanted to be a photographer — i just felt like they were what i wanted to be — just style and career and ownership and attitude and everything. like they just KNEW themselves.

found the original article in my scrapbook boxes when i got home. it looks so dated now, plus heavy white, but it was powerful back then.

anyway, meeting marder 16 years later felt emo and cool and like a sign from the universe (not sure what the sign was but just like: KEEP GOING FOR IT???? everything is not false? dreams come true? life is messy? don’t give in? there are no answers? the road is long)

top may things

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  • the mindy project
  • strange worries that chris messina may no longer be on the mindy project
  • peanut butter m&ms
  • my new bose soundlink speaker, BOUGHT WITH UNITED AWARD MILES, stone ballin YO
  • my new face soap, is it making my skin look super relaxed????? or is the free sample of rose serum stuff????? whatever, NEW REGIMEN
  • new custom sandals i bought when i thought i had that i love dick job — but i love them deeply so no regrets
  • free bottles of wine
  • free kind bars aka lunch
  • plants
  • getting engaged!!!!!!!!!! SURPRISE OF THE CENTURY

life advice from steve c.

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it took me two years but i finally real-quit my job and trying to live by this advice from steve (april 2015):

Yes, the sadness – that is what the art is there for – to process the sadness.  More fleetwood mac can help.  Try Mirage.  “That’s All Right” is one of my favorites and never got no airplay.  Play that for 3 days on repeat, do some exercise and real-quit that job and see how that helps.  Last time I was sad, you told me to make a little movie and send it to you and it helped me drag myself back up.  Do not underestimate the effects of doing something that allows you to express yourself, something that feels worthwhile – maybe that’s starting a movie theater, maybe it’s becoming a life coach, maybe becoming Levi’s live-in French tutor.  

terrifying section of puzzle

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live from my shift at freda

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working at freda and listening to the fader’s song of summer contenders. have only made it through adele’s “send my love (to your new lover)” and i love adele but it doesn’t feel like a summer banger exactly. the chorus has a “kokomo” vibe to it? though i’m sure i’ll be at a wedding and hear it and be like, OH YAS and run to the dance floor. last night i made a birthday cake for anthony and somehow it went all wrong and it is the ugliest cake i have ever frosted. it looks like a goat baked it. i tried to prettify it by making a peace sign out of m&ms on the top but it actually made it look weirder and oh no i just realized it’s not the peace sign but the mercedes symbol. PERFECT ACTUALLY. i think it has to do with our oven, because when i light the pilot, it explodes in a fireball and singes off my arm hair. so more anxious about baking than normal. #laterblog

this is what sabbatical looks like

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tonight’s walk

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guys! long absence! first walk in our spot in a long time. was working like mad on that giant wedding and now i’m loose-ish, no jobs on the horizon except working at freda on sundays and random days and handling the workshops for the trans-pecos festival and maybe random production jobs, so my plan is to just take this time to reset / figure out the best course of action / swim out to my ship. i’m calling it a sabbatical. this awesome artist asked me if i wanted to be her studio assistant — gonna chew on it. i like the sound of it but also i like the sound of a lot of things and then i’m like, WHY DID I SAY YES. i really do like the sound of a lot of things. also guys i bought a new yorker puzzle (the worst) at a thrift store and it’s been sitting on my shelf and i started doing it tonight.