a bunch of people who are choosing to keep trying

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from the vulture interview with louis ck:

You’re not an insult comic, but I think it’s fair to say that your work generally skews dark. What are you optimistic about? What makes you happy?
Trillions of things. I feel safe talking about dark subjects because they exist in a world full of life and beauty. Everybody who’s alive is choosing to be. You can take yourself out anytime. The whole population is a bunch of people who are choosing to keep trying.

the day i went searching for oprah gifs

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Onot sure


feel free to use these in emails with work colleagues

this is cool

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the we love you project

got me

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the kicks at the end!

it’s just heavy

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just watched the latest john oliver’s last week tonight and they did a sketch about political campaigns using artists’ songs without permission, which was good/quite goofy, though usher’s voice is startlingly  beautiful, and when ann and nancy wilson of heart say of “born in the usa” — “it’s about vietnam!” — tears just started coming out of my eyes. because — vietnam, man!

ugh i love oysterrrs

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[year-old draft i found when searching for something about rachel kushner, because flamethrowers keeps coming back to me, especially the art clubbiness, but that is another story] [using the word “story” loosely]

rachel fields on the agonies of dating and texting:

I didn’t care if he was a non-texter — and what does that even mean in this day and age? If you’re a 20-something urban professional who doesn’t text, you’re pretty much impossible to be friends with. For a friendship to exist in 2015, people need to know they can text “ugh I love oysterrrrs” at 2:15 p.m. on a Friday and get a response by 2:30.


david mccullough on donald trump

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courtesy of helytimes:

coming in JUST under the Helytimes three minute video limit*.  Here’s a piece if you hate watching videos:

So much that Donald Trump spouts is so vulgar and so far from the truth and mean-spirited. It is on that question of character especially that he does not measure up. He is unwise. He is plainly unprepared, unqualified and, it often seems, unhinged. How can we possibly put our future in the hands of such a man?

More info here.  As the Times notes:

The videos are mostly homemade, smartphone productions.

Maybe I’m an optimist, but a better shot version of this with McCullough could be very effective, I think.  Certainly more than current 3,383 views.  Embedded in the Times article but that’s no way to get videos out there!

*often violated

kinda digging this

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also into the new whitney album!!!!!! so easy to listen to. bet i’ve had it on 8 times today.


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(via sonia saraiya)

dear debbie

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debbie reynolds

incredible tidbit about debbie reynolds in vanity fair:

[Debbie] Reynolds has come around to her granddaughter’s [actress Billie Lourd] career choice, making Lourd read her own diaries from her days as a rising starlet. “It’s a binder of loose-leaf papers written in the second person,” Lourd says. “‘Dear Debbie, you’re sitting in the makeup chair, you have no eyebrows, you’re a shell of yourself, and it’s 5am. How did you get here?'”

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