electric toothbrush

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not to get too graphic, but the inside of my electric toothbrush is like a scene from a ’50s sci-fi horror film

mrs. freshley’s

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undecided on this brand name

band idea

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simon and garfunky (s&g funk cover band)

things i am interested in tonight

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  • this animated text option on the new iphone operating system
  • brad and angelina divorcing, i am sorry to say that i texted courtney an animated text about this

img_6198 img_6199 img_6201

a marvelously relaxing ambiance

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SO TRUE — from vulture’s “Every Netflix Original Series, Ranked (Again)”:

29. Grace and Frankie
To its credit, Grace and Frankie creates a marvelously relaxing ambience, and it’s hard to not feel warmth toward Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen as lovers. But it’s much better at developing its beach-house atmosphere than it is at emotional nuance or characters who aren’t caricatures. The frustrating thing about this series is the gap between its promise and its execution — the complete lack of nuance makes it cornier than an Iowa primary, and in the instances where you want it to slide into full-on Kleenex-tearjerker moments, it punts.

for the record i never really wanted it to slide into full-on Kleenex-tearjerker moments


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Infinity Burial Suitinfinity burial suit via coeio


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jennifer armbrust(via jennifer armbrust’s instagram)

(i think what saipua is doing is in line with this)

the best part of x-men: apocalypse

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nightcrawlernightcrawler posing for his ID photo

(actually i thought this was going to be the best part because i’d read such dire reviews, but somehow i ended up crying twice???)

boring gifts i have considered for ross’s birthday

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a bike pump

more sam

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sam again

did you know that joni mitchell’s “coyote” was written about sam shepard (or so said the groupie chris o’dell)? and that he had an affair with patti smith while still married to his first wife? he seems way more punk rock than the dude who appeared in baby boom. (though was baby boom also a punk rock statement? actually think kind of, minus the soft focus and bad soundtrack — see me for details.) also jessica lange’s hair in this picture — approve, on principle.