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got my second wind after a grinding day of meetings, so now working and blasting my tiny space heater and drinking bailey’s (new vibes) (surviving last week before festival with nonstop sugar) and listening to eleanor friedberger live on kexp. she’s so great. she played trans pecos last september, gave me a shoutout on stage, heart soared, we bro’d. drank a lot and her drummer was so nice. it’s funny how old ties sometimes turn into deep ties.

sidenote: why is the intro music on democracy now! so bad? it is straight up the worst. (pause to listen to it.)  jazzy terribleness. guitar funk.  gotta wonder how that helps their case.

also i didn’t watch the trump speech tonight, just couldn’t, brain too full, even though i believe in getting as much info as you can take (somehow i’m on the white house mailing list? and one time they described how betsy devos has “used her treasure” to further education and i know copywriting is no easy gig but…)


i mean, i’m here

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 Barry Jenkins Credit Scott McIntyre for The New York Times

Barry Jenkins. Credit Scott McIntyre for The New York Times

from the daily — a haunting interview between moonlight director and academy-award winner barry jenkins and ny times staff writer nikole hannah-jones about their troubled childhoods:

hannah-jones: all right…so when you say you’re not…bitter…is that true?
jenkins: it is true.
hannah-jones: you’re really–
jenkins: i’m not. not at all. to be bitter is to say that i was owed a better childhood,  i was owed a better circumstance. and that’s just not true.
hannah-jones: no?
jenkins: no. i mean, i’m here. you know? i mean, right?
hannah-jones: you are here.
jenkins: and also, too, i understand what the world was like when i was born. i don’t blame any of these men or women who became addicted to this drug [crack]. it was not the “perfect” storm…it was….an undeniable storm of how all these things happened.
hannah-jones: so…i definitely think of myself as a broken person and i wonder if you think of yourself that way, too?
jenkins: HEEEEEEEY! … yah, yah, for sure. i mean, clearly. clearly. you can’t go through — i’ll acknowledge that. you can’t go through those things and emerge fully intact, you know?
hannah-jones: how are you broken?
jenkins: you know, i often say that, in the film, the main character is this guy that’s wandering around feeling like he’s unworthy of love, you know? and i think i went through that process, very very legitimately feeling like i was unworthy of love. and you have to always — when you’ve ever felt that way and really believed it — you have to constantly do this work to remind yourself that that is not true.


dreamy dress

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ruth neggaruth negga in valentino at the oscars

if you’re feeling anxious

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If you’re feeling anxious.

(via ace hotel)

an unfortunate truth

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from “Inside the Minds of the Ultrawealthy”:

How are ultra-high-net-worth individuals different from run-of-the-mill affluent individuals?

They have this feeling that rules don’t apply to them, although that mind-set is often the key to much of their success. If they’re told something can’t be done a certain way, they think that doesn’t apply to them and find a way around it. It can be viewed as elitist or having a sense of entitlement, but it’s also a highly effective strategy for innovative thinking.

we are afforded the freedom of speech but there is no freedom from the consequences of what we say

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roxane gay on simon & schuster canceling milo yiannopoulos’ book deal:

There are some who will spin the cancellation of this book contract as a failure of the freedom of speech but such is not the case. This is yet another example of how we are afforded the freedom of speech but there is no freedom from the consequences of what we say.

all that matters is his exquisite ass craft

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i didn’t even love magic mike XXL but i loved magic mike so of course i’m down with all of this:

“That’s how it feels to have a drink and talk a million miles a minute with my friends — like divine wickedness that leads inexorably to some crazy flavor of perfection. We’re all talking a mile a minute, and suddenly I need to remind everyone about that first blowtorch/grinding scene in Magic Mike XXL when Channing Tatum goes from his strange, fast-motion superhero hip-hop moves to this sudden, exquisitely precise slow grind. Then I start thinking out loud — loudly! — about why that hotness can only happen in the context of a movie that’s not remotely romantic, a movie that you’re not supposed to take seriously. This is not you falling for the fucked-up high-capitalist wet dream of “Fifty Shades Darker,” which is really just a self-hating fantasy of yielding all control to a merciless Daddy Warbucks, rendering all sexiness therein the sour kind of non-sexiness that perpetuates your own powerlessness. No, this is something far lighter and fluffier and somehow more empowering in a strange way, too. This is a cheesy dude who knows he’s cheesy, whom you aren’t in love with, who nonetheless does have an undeniable talent for the absurdly, inescapably, stupidly hot, slow grind. And you are the looker, the watcher, which means it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing or whether or not you showered that morning. All that matters is his exquisite ASS CRAFT.”
— uhhh paging @sashayed but also the entire internet, Heather Havrilesky is dropping some crucial and correct analysis of Magic Mike XXL, the only movie to have ever truly understood joy, in this week’s Ask Polly, repeat, Heather Havrilesky, Magic Mike XXL, one of us

this song

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roxy music “end of the line” — i heard it on the americans yesterday — it never takes off like i want it to, but the moments between 0.14 and 0.56 seconds are just so full.

a mistake is just a moment in time

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Navajo Pictorial Textile with Masonic Symbol. Courtesy of Shiprock Santa Fe

Navajo Pictorial Textile with Masonic Symbol. Courtesy of Shiprock Santa Fe.

been rolling around in my mind — a post discussing imperfections in navajo rugs:

I asked him [Jamie Ross, dealer of Navajo rugs] why a lot of the rugs seemed to have mistakes woven into the patterns. Obvious distortions in the patterns, stray lines, or a shape that was just a bit off compared to the other shapes in the piece.

He said there are many explanations. One popular one is that the Navajo intentionally weave mistakes into their rugs to remind them that man isn’t perfect. That sensibility can also be found in the Wabi-sabi art of Japan.

But he preferred another explanation. He said the mistakes weren’t intentional. What was intentional was the desire not to go back and fix them.

He said the Navajo saw mistakes as moments in time. And since you can’t change time, why try to change a mistake that already happened? The mistake is already woven into the fabric of time. It’s good to be reminded of it when you look back.

who does?

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from hunter harris’s discussion on the use of the song “classic man” in moonlight:

Part of Chiron’s trouble is that he doesn’t have words for how heavy his heart feels sometimes.