should i just go for it?

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patchouli oil on amazon

but you’re getting that, too

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dan tana's neon sign in west hollywood, ca. courtesy of wehoville.

(image courtesy of WEHOville)

jonathan gold’s juicy review of dan tana’s:

If you have been going to Dan Tana’s since the ’70s, you have your own protocol. If you haven’t, you get a Caesar salad, tossed to order across the room, that is cold, juicy and slicked with a powerful emulsion of garlic and cheese; or you get a Tita Cahn salad, named for Sammy Cahn’s widow, which is an improbably delicious chop of asparagus, lettuce and broccoli. Whether you’re from St. Louis or not, you’re getting the fried ravioli with marinara sauce instead of the dry calamari. The garlic toast is just the table bread with cheese broiled onto it, but you’re getting that too.

also how great a name is “tita cahn”?

Just being alive and kind is already a successful day

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Just being alive and kind is already a successful day

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arrowheads my dad found when he was a boy in west texas

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west texas arrowheads

if this sounds like the story of life

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raymond carver's "locking yourself out, then trying to get back in"

from raymond carver’s “Locking Yourself Out, Then Trying to Get Back In”

things i am thinking about

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snippet from "these poems" by june jordan

from june jordan’s “these poems”

it set my mind on fire

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from the creative independent’s interview with writer nina renata aron:

In the mid-‘90s, I was fortunate enough to experience riot grrl’s intersection of feminism, punk rock, and bouffant hairdos—that moment was a lot about a kind of dirty, glamorous girl-gang mentality. My interest in writing as I was becoming an adult was manifesto-driven. Even if it wasn’t overtly political that really drove me.

When I got to college and I took a Soviet history class, it set my mind on fire. I felt like the Russian Revolution was the punkest thing I’d ever heard of. We were learning about samizdat, which I understood to be zines, basically, and I became obsessed with Russian history. I spent 10 years of my life studying it.

good old person thing

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hearing “gimme one reason” on the radio

barbeque harder

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great shortie with actor daveed diggs about gentrification:

When you moved to Washington Heights, which is rapidly gentrifying, did you try to be conscious of not playing that role of the gentrifier? I tried. I certainly didn’t call the cops on my noisy neighbors. You look at the woman who called the police on a barbecue in the park in Oakland — that’s sort of a classic example, right? What a crazy thing to do, to be a newcomer to a neighborhood and call the police on people doing what they’ve been doing for decades. It’s also not paying attention to the very complicated ways that people in the neighborhood are differently policed. Your calling the cops on a group of black and brown people barbecuing potentially leads to different consequences from somebody calling the cops on you.

As an Oakland native, did hearing about that incident surprise you? Well, the thing that I loved was the community response to it, right? It was to barbecue harder.

how to lose and find your phone

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step 1: go to party at stepcousin’s house
step 2: somehow, accidentally, unwittingly throw phone in trash
step 3: immediately notice it’s missing, but assume you put it down “someplace”
step 4: casually look for it all night
step 5: go to bed and hope for best
step 6: employ find your iphone app and your stepcousin and pray for a miracle
step 7: get a miracle

a sound was played