cate cate cate

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saw eleanor and cate dueting on this song, almost feel like THEY should record it.

also recommend the video for cher’s “gimme gimme gimme (a man after midnight)” — it’s just her name in various configurations of flashing lights for four minutes.

CHER CHER CHER video for "gimme a man after midnight"

imma adopt this

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Illustration by Adrian Forrow

Illustration by Adrian Forrow

from Gina Ciliberto’s “What a Group of Progressive Nuns Taught Me About Mindful Eating”:

At bigger, more formal dinners, the sisters pray aloud for everyone who grew, harvested, transported, and cooked the food before they eat. Though praying for a litany of souls is customary for Catholics, this specific ritual takes at least five minutes, during which time the food is getting cold. It always seemed to me that when one says a very generic prayer before eating, God understands that it includes pickers, growers, transporters, recipe-writers, servers, cooks, etc. Once I have hot food in front of me, I want to go at it. The sisters, contrarily, wait patiently with their heads bowed. Then, at the end of the meal, they call out the kitchen and serving staff to applaud them and sing a blessing over them.

imma start singing so many blessings over so many people

do i have a crush on david mccullogh

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Photo by William B. McCullough. Courtesy of Simon and Schuster.


oh aretha

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my favorite song. also cried at this.

freedom for some is not freedom

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Jane Elliott asks an audience a very simple question about being black in America. (via @carltonspeight who says “No BS, I wish every white person on Twitter could see this. Maybe it’ll help”)

(via kottke)

let’s not give the instructions

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david bowie and dick cavett on the dick cavett show, 1974

THE DICK CAVETT SHOW – 11/6/74, David Bowie chatting with host Dick Cavett. (Photo by Ann Limongello/ABC via Getty Images, via

dick cavett, one of a kind:

Mr. Cavett’s wide-eyed Everyman schtick worked wonders when introducing to a heartland audience a jittery, cane-wielding David Bowie in a 1974 show in which Mr. Bowie rattled on about “black noise,” a concept promoted by the subversive novelist William Burroughs about a hypothetical sonic frequency that is effectively a “noise bomb,” with which “you can crack a city or people.”

“Let’s not give the instructions,” Mr. Cavett said, barely containing a smile.

i just can’t

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#Oprah’s heart is in Havana, ooh na-na 💛 Check out more fun from our September cover shoot in our Instagram Stories! (PS: Happy #OneYearofHavana to @camila_cabello 💫)

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oprah you delight me in every way

that beautiful beige face of yours

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pretty good — the jon hamm infomercial from random acts of flyness.

(on the other hand, mamma mia! is TERRIBLE, F+, it gets the “+” for the grown folks cast, but how did they convince those good actor people to do it? threading together ABBA songs to make a musical? it makes zero sense. not even good for background viewing. actually BAD for background viewing because you’re like, wait how does this song explain what’s going on? the answer is: it doesn’t. EFF PLUS!)


(image via old object fire wikia) (?)

am i about to become a super comics nerd?

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just finished my summer school class on graphic novels and went HARD into comics for my final project (designed an “annex” of the x-men school for our library, featuring our graphic novel and comics collection and a secret bookshelf and props and etc etc) (listen i think it would actually be DOPE to make but also you’d have to make sure it didn’t look dumb — it’d have to look REAL). but anyway how beautiful are these x-men character studies by dc and marvel comic book artist peter v. nguyen?

Rendering of Nightcrawler (X-men hero) by PETER V NGUYEN.

Rendering of Storm (X-men hero) by PETER V NGUYEN. Rendering of Cyclops (X-men hero) by PETER V NGUYEN.

thoughtful AND thoughtless

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the crux of humanity’s problem