i agree

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taffy brodesser-akner on her nighttime routine in “how i get it done”:

Then I watch TV. I feel like if I can start the day with TV and end the day with TV then I have an excellent life.

good gif

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prince saying BRAT

beautiful design

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wonder valley soap. Artwork by John Zabawa.
wonder valley soap. artwork by john zabawa.

some artisan mess

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remodelista critical spoon hanging (via remodelista, boycotting the link)


i’m so gonna start doing this

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squidslippers twitter


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DAVID ROBERTS TWITTERsome muddy feelings about the brett kavanaugh confirmation (mostly about partisanship), but david roberts’s tweet cuts to the heart of it. and as one commenter pointed out — what also does it say to the young women who see how this plays out, if he gets confirmed? (via my sister and david roberts)

perhaps we’re not raking enough?

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rake with morning glories

only the finest quality english muffins

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high quality english muffinshave the expiration date printed right on the muffin
(also just noticed that they’re expired)

white fragility

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PSA: everyone (at least everyone white) should listen to call your girlfriend’s episode, white fragility.

i’ll take 20 pairs, please

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on the phone trying to rent dumpsters for this concert and this made me laugh — from “What Gary Shteyngart Can’t Live Without”:

I bought these sneakers at Alife on Rivington. The salespeople there are so cool. One of them said to me, “These sneakers make you look like a drug dealer.” I was like, “I’ll take 20 pairs, please.” But they just make me feel super comfortable, like I’m walking on panna cotta.