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terry gross! Daniel Dorsa for The New York Times

Daniel Dorsa for The New York Times

all praise terry, but this is the pic they chose? with the box?

i just can’t stop thinking about this picture of the traveling wilburys

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the traveling wilburys

just some old dudes in black socks and blazers hanging out. (also isn’t it weird that dylan was in this band? doesn’t seem like his bag. also please watch this wilburys video, which is not really all that great but somehow awesome.)

benedict arnold

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monument to benedict arnold

The Boot Monument — an unnamed monument to Benedict Arnold at Saratoga Springs, a battle Arnold effectively won and where he suffered a leg injury. Via Wikipedia.

(courtesy of wikipedia)

avoiding my first school assignment — final blog post — but can we talk about benedict arnold?! THIS GUY. i read steve sheinkin’s The Notorious Benedict Arnold: A True Story of Adventure, Heroism & Treachery (a YA bio, dig it!!!!) and it starts off a bit slow but the story is literally bonkers and arnold is both a (surprising) war hero AND a terrible traitor and you just can’t believe how devastating the end is. anyway. worth a read.

not overburdened with brains

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from “Overlooked No More: Noor Inayat Khan, Indian Princess and British Spy”:

Khan had worked hard to overcome her fear of weapons during combat training and improved her ability to translate Morse code, but colleagues in her intelligence network still had doubts. Some wondered if she was too young and inexperienced. They pointed out that she had carelessly left codes lying around and that she had unthinkingly revealed her British background by pouring milk into cups before the tea. …

“Not overburdened with brains but has worked hard and shown keenness, apart from some dislike of the security side of the course,” a superior officer, Col. Frank Spooner, wrote in her [Khan’s] personal file.

“not overburdened with” — an elegant way to describe a person’s weakness (tho still a bit rude).


me in a nutshell

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from the latest ask polly:

me in a nutshell

Henry O. 2nd Shift

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Henry O.

just something about this

truth to power

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is the only way to learn

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this is a delight

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cool dad, cool kid

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going through my photos and found these pix from when catherine, ross, and i went to balmorhea.