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Marisa Tomei on fire

marisa tomei!? yes, because, be real, this is fire. also love that she’s no spring chicken but still rocking it, and also respekt to a different world. full disclosure, i am trying to duplicate this look exactly, will keep you posted (retail distraction for stress-grief, no doubt).

balms for the blues

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  • watching my little pony with levi and ross last night
  • “when i paint my masterpiece,” which ross played at greg’s memorial
  • bob dylan and the band in general
  • drinking mancans in honor of greg
  • against all odds: BOSCH



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Agnès Varda's home in Paris, France, photographed by Alasdair McLellan.

Agnès Varda’s home in Paris, France, photographed by Alasdair McLellan. Courtesy of The Gentlewoman.

was there a time in the day

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liked this interview with writer jenny odell (also GQ changing their game a little bit?):

One thing that is important to me is: was there a time in the day when you were fully aware of the fact that you’re alive? Were there even five or ten minutes where I was able to drop out of the stream of productive time? A lot of time it’s just closely observing something. If you’re really lost in observing something, you lose yourself. You’re just very aware of that thing and those are moments where it’s like, “Oh right, this isn’t just the same day over and over again. This is today. It’s one of a finite number of days I will be alive.”

oy oy oy

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very cool, just had fractious talk with my crazy aunt, she implied to my sister-in-law that i was in dire straits (!), so my sister-in-law was like, hey, fyi, she’s worried/desperate for you to call her. so i call the aunt — v. bad idea, i was hotheaded about the whole thing (i left her a message a month ago, how often do you talk to your aunts?!). so then we proceeded to have a 40-minute conversation about who was more busy and who was not being empathetic and other dumbass bullshit. really fun. had to take half of an anxiety med to cool down (it cooled me a bit down too much, WOOF). ah maybe i should just go live in finland (“the World’s Happiest Country Is All About Reading, Coffee, and Saunas”).

i could write in my own blood

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more from fran lebowitz in the paris review:


…To me, dictating a book seems impossible. But what would also be impossible, would be to write on one of those word processors. There’s too much distance.


What do you use then?


A Bic pen. I’m such a slow writer I have no need for anything as fast as a word processor. I don’t need anything so snappy. I write so slowly that I could write in my own blood without hurting myself.

it’s possible that everyone will be getting eve dallas blend coffee this christmas

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avoiding all my work, just eating junk food and petting sissy and watching bosch (great and terrible at the same time) and catching up on internet reading, like this profile of romance writer nora roberts:

Want to smell like [Nora] Roberts? There’s “Nora” perfume oil, 0.5 ounces for $15.99, and “Nora” body lotion, the scent a blend of jasmine and pomegranate. Fans of the In Death books, which features a coffee-loving New York City cop named Eve Dallas and her magnate husband Roarke (no first name), can get a bag of their own Eve Dallas Blend coffee ($13.99), a blue Eve Dallas NYPSD—the “S” stands for “Security”—hoodie ($38.99), a t-shirt that proclaims “I Dream of Roarke” ($26.99), or one that simply proclaims “I <3 Roarke” ($17.99).



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from ann friedman:

Every body is a real body. Every voice is a real voice. Every part of America is the real America.

and i would say no

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Fran Lebowitz. Photo: Catherine Servel.

Fran Lebowitz. Photo: Catherine Servel.

true hero fran lebowitz in new york magazine:

She and Toni [Morrison] talk on the phone every day. “She’s very important to me because there are very few people’s advice I’m interested in,” Fran said. “I’ve not always taken Toni’s advice, but I’m always interested. Toni is so unlike me. When I was young, my mother used to say, ‘Can’t you be the bigger person?’ And I would say no.”

amen dunes

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