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lavender socksthese lavender socks — relaxing just to look at

people will never forget how you made them feel

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great reminder from a newsletter i signed up for somehow sometime:

In the lead up to Father’s Day, I thought I’d throw out a few endorsements inspired by the dearest, nearest fathers in my life…

My dad. No one is better at making you feel like the smartest, funniest person in the room like my dear old dad. His laugh and way of listening are legendary–a true embodiment of that Maya Angelou quotation: “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. People will never forget how you made them feel.” So endorsement #2, live as if it were all about leaving the people you interact with feeling seen. Their very cells will remember.

this is pretty funny

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“Top Dinner Suggestions According to a Three-Year-Old’s Eating Habits”

i’m not a mom — still funny (“Around the edges of a cheeseburger without ever actually biting into the meat”) (“A French baguette, but only the inside — NO CRUST”).

also having some happy nostalgia depression about the proposed insound reunion. hard to define why.



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mom's bitmoji

  • mom discovered bitmoji!!!!! (see above)
  • back to working for the weekend
  • very grateful for my job, like thanking the universe grateful, it’s best case scenario for working while going to grad school, but it still can be annoying, is this ok to say out loud
  • because the blues won the stanley cup last night, ross “let” us have the a/c on ALL NIGHT. this is both a happy and sad story
  • cried today listening to laura branigan’s “gloria,” the blues’ theme song — GUYS THEY DID IT, THEY WENT FROM LAST PLACE TO FIRST PLACE AND WON THE STANLEY CUP, IT’S LIKE A MOVIE AND I’M FEELING IT

just thought smith was awesome

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from “How a Fourth-String Goalie Led the Blues to the Stanley Cup Finals”:

Before becoming an improbable catalyst for the St. Louis Blues’ improbable stampede to the Stanley Cup finals, Jordan Binnington had the coolest goalie mask in the E.C.H.L.

In 2013, he reported to the Kalamazoo Wings, two levels below the N.H.L., with an image of the actor Will Smith — circa “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” days of the early 1990s — adorning the left side of his cage. His coach, Nick Bootland, expected a fascinating back story — that Binnington must have met Smith once or something.

Nope. Binnington just thought Smith was “awesome.”

recommendation #2

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for all my rain lovers out there: i’ve been listening to this rain app (“rain rain”) before bed, and it is my best discovery of 2019. it’s just different rain sounds (“april showers,” “forest rain,” “city rain,” “rain on a tent,” “heavy rainstorm,” etc. etc.). bless the people (who made this rain app).


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nuuuuuuun tablets

nuun hydration tablets
(no one more surprised than me)

how to get the blues on a thursday night

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1. go out to dinner with former colleague, try to go to alpine for pizza night from possibly religious, spelt-positive bakery, don’t think to call to confirm, it’s closed for vacation, so go instead to la casita, pay $20 for mediocre cheese enchiladas and hear about how the music festival you created is/was terrible, everyone on the board hates it, wants it to end — do your best to not take it personally but

2. get back to marfa at 9pm and go to jett’s for glass of wine with colleague, sit at bar, but only seats at bar are next to nice acquaintances who talk to us for the full 30 minutes we are there.

3. drop off colleague, go to lost horse to see ross play, everyone in town is there, anxiety central, try to hide in back and pretend i can just see a show, like, just simply SEE A SHOW, but so many people, so much (nice) small talk, everyone wants to say hi, so nice, but can’t deal, leave after 1.5 hours, head home, wonder how people do it in marfa, because it really works for lots of people, why doesn’t it work for me, am i anti-community??????????

4. go home, watch the hockey game while doing a crossword, doze off, wake up at 2am cuz ross still not home. text him to see if he needs a ride. no reply. start gently worrying, very gently. at 2:45am he comes in with our house guests, dogs go crazy barking, heart pounding. feel angry but more like sad, like a stupid square for being in bed when married to rocker partier, why wasn’t i partying, too? (A: work in the morning, social anxiety, marfa exhaustion, too much small talk from hour 1), go down sad rabbit hole where i wonder if we should even be married, cuz what does a rocker partier need? probably another rocker partier, right. or at least someone who thrives on small communities.

5. stay up till 4:3-am, worrying, listening to my rain rain app


other stuff

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  • watched the 1934 screwball comedy my man godfrey the other night, let me be real, carole lombard is NOT good in it, despite what ebert says. the whole movie is a bit meh, even though it has cool politics and william powell is pretty wonderful (note i keep trying to type my main man godfrey)
  • also watched always be my maybe, it’s NOT good (but not as bad as i imagine wine country is)
  • i hated the book the goldfinch, just saw there is a movie coming out of it — HARD PASS
  • even thinking about that book makes me annoyed
  • full disclosure: did not read whole thing, read 2/3 and simply could not keep going
  • this sweet story about retiring mailman floyd martin got me

emma thompson’s feelings about vegas

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from emma thompson’s interview in the times:

Thompson had scheduled our interview between her first ever trip to Las Vegas, which she found “eye-watering,”…

lolz yes exactly

In Vegas, Thompson had an 11-hour break between presentations, during which time she gambled, napped, ate and drank. By the end of the day, she felt like she had been there for 50 years, wondered if that was what everybody in Vegas felt, and was seized by the need to escape lest she suffocate and die.