perhaps a bit of an overstatement

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from the bartles & jaymes website

on the bartles & jaymes website

(please don’t ask me what i was doing on the bartles & jaymes website)

in times of stress avoid reading and rank candy

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trying to finish my reading but instead thinking about the best candy bars. my votes:

  • reese’s fast break (controversial, mostly peanut butter flavored nougat)
  • reese’s sticks
  • whatchamacalit

very tired, haven’t been sleeping great, but figured might as well get up and read about RDA (getting easier but still dense as hell). my therapist said something about how our culture thinks smartness is intuitively understanding something (which, yes), but smartness is also the ability to work at something and eventually (moderately?) understand it. taking comfort in that these days.


and all the while

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ojibwe sayingJune 14, 2019

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a better future

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Ishiguro in 1989

Ishiguro in 1989

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me, too! (x2)

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chani nicholas’s nightly routine:

My go-to comfort food is whipped cream. If I’m run down and ragged I need fat. Lots of it. I could probably live on English trifle.

me, too!

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gina esposito’s nightly routine:

I either like to read the New Yorker before bed or watch a show I’ve seen a million times. I am an only child and grew up feeling lonely sometimes, so the comfort of voices is something that makes me feel good, and if it’s a show I have seen 5,000 times, I don’t necessarily need to watch it, I can just listen. The Office is on heavy rotation.

ranted at nobody

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sloan crossley discussing writing routines on GAL:

GAL: That reminds me a bit of Truman Capote’s routine.

SC: What did he do?

GAL: He  would only work from bed—he said he had to be horizontal to write—and he would be in his pajamas with his typewriter on his knees, and he’d move from coffee to mint tea to sherry to a martini throughout the day. He’d also smoke in bed, and his superstition was that he couldn’t have more than three cigarette butts in the ashtray at one time. I tried it for a week—

SC: You did not. You smoked in bed and did the sherry and all of that?

GAL: Okay, the smoking—I was like, “I’m not picking up smoking.” But I don’t drink, and I did that. I thought that maybe the writing would flow, but I really just kind of ranted at nobody, and punched the air with my finger a lot.

so, some heartbreak

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  • bought some conditioner and an $11.99 neck massager in my quest to wipe away sorrow
  • keep looking at pictures of clyde thinking it will make me feel better, but they just immediately make me cry
  • feeling a lot of regret about how i wasn’t as sensitive or thoughtful when friends lost their pets. i’m glad age teaches you things, but does it always have to have the sting of remorse?

memory lane

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my sweet little clyde

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will miss him every day.