simply a part of being human

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man, sarah hepola writing such sad goodness about aging and wanting:

The fantasy of agelessness is that no grief and loss would come to us. The fantasy of beauty and perfection is: if I only looked that way, no pain would wash up to my shore. I would not be lonely anymore. I would fix the blasted hole inside me. I would finally be happy. But what I have seen in my own life is the more I cling to happiness, the less I have it. The more I need to be beautiful, the more sad and scared and ugly I feel.

It was quiet in the exam room after the nurse left, and I got dressed and tugged on my jean jacket, which reminded me of a jean jacket I’d worn back when I was 14, because I was trying to look older, more sophisticated. I wondered if I would ever learn the trick of being comfortable with whatever I had, or if it was simply a part of being human, or being a woman, or being a woman in Dallas—to want more.


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review each of your life’s ten million choices

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spaceship earth

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ross was unimpressed but this made me jazzed

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Protective masks for medical professionals made from material intended for Yankees and Phillies uniforms are being made by the company Fanatics in Pennsylvania. Credit: Fanatics. Via The New York Times.
Credit: Fanatics. Via The New York Times.

Fanatics, the company that manufactures the Nike uniforms for Major League Baseball, has temporarily converted its domestic factory in Easton, Pa., to produce desperately needed protective masks and gowns for medical professionals who are fighting the pandemic in the United States.

The masks are made from the same bolts of polyester mesh fabric used to make big-league uniforms, and the first prototypes bear the distinctive pinstripes of the Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies.

Coronavirus Protective Masks to Be Made From M.L.B. Uniform Material

barbara bush

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a very solid first
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i hope so!

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from an interview with rosanna arquette:

this family is CUTE

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i’m old and this is twitch from ellen but whatever, they are CUTE. also, in my next life i’m coming back as a hip-hop dancer


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good lord

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there was a prairie home companion caribbean cruise?!