the round up

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  • i won a raffle!!!!!!! from east fork pottery. could NOT not not not believe it. the email announcing it felt like seeing a quadruple rainbow. or like a rainbow ending right at your house, in your house. have i ever won anything before? a: NO.
  • thinking a lot about this feeling — it’s scary to finally get to the / a place you’ve longed for. raises all kinds of failure and fear feelings (for me).
  • Past Prime is a dead fucking serious diversion for Matty Wishnow & Steve Collins.”
  • isn’t the name of poet jean valentine so great?
  • and isn’t this poem of hers so great and sad
  • this poem is also great or mostly i just love the line “like a postcard from someone / who calls himself your uncle”
from "poem" by heather christle (2018)
heather christle, from “poem” (2018), via pome

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