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the major blues

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didn’t get a grant that i applied for, feeling incredibly overwhelmed, not sleeping well, waiting on my COVID results. what a mess it all is. i never wanted to be library director and here i am about to burn down the whole library accidentally when all i wanted was to read to kids.

doesn’t this grant acceptance/rejection email seem particularly rude? put us in this long list and then put NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO next to our names? i do NOT approve.

more best things of 2020

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all the colors of morning glories


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downside!!!!! my coworker tested positive for COVID on friday. she’s been out sick all week, but she says she’s feeling better, hope it holds. i haven’t seen her since october 9, and i’m feeling fine, but — symptoms can develop between 2-14 days, so, basically it’s rude. another rude thing — you can either have mad symptoms, or no symptoms, or light symptoms — all the options! just seems pretty rude. so i’m been feeling phantom symptoms (“is my chest feeling tight? my throat is kind of hoarse!”) and worrying a bunch about infecting patrons unwittingly, very cool. also doesn’t it seem insane that it’s 2020 and our prevention methods have not much improved since the old days? basically stay inside, wear a mask, wash your hands, godspeed. upside is i get to work from home for two weeks, which means not QUITE so much rushing; no lunch planning (as much as my lunches have been planned, very loose use of the word); mad sweatpants; general home civility.

how beautiful is this

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more moby

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i really need to read this book

i hope we all make it

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you can see more casteel’s exhibition here; i love this one especially.

the best things of 2020 (so far?)

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  • getting a librarian job!
  • lucy being born (even though i still haven’t met her)
  • ross growing wildflowers
  • ross growing lavender
  • eating peaches off the tree we grew (it felt like an actual lazarus style miracle)
  • watching all of LOST??????????

making a ruff

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i was searching for how-to videos about making quills (lol) (for my library video) (might try it, if i can find a good feather?) but then stumbled upon this one: making a ruff. which delighted me and intrigued me and also just — weird. this is a sad screenshot from it. #mood

screenshot of "making a ruff" courtey of manifold greatness

to more life and less worry

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marie howe, "my dead friends" (1998). courtesy of the writer's alamanac.
(courtesy of laura olin — and the writer’s almanac) (yes, that old slinky friend)