what the hell happened to you

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been watching pretend it’s a city in the background and this gem stayed with me:

“No one young enough to be in school is aware that they will lose their looks, OK? This is something that doesn’t happen until you do. Because if I see someone that I haven’t seen in a long time, I think, ‘What the hell happened to you?!’ And I realize that they’re thinking the same thing about me! Right? And the only reason I don’t think that about me is that I see myself every day. Although as briefly as possible.”

Fran Lebowitz, Pretend It’s a City

it’s so true, your whole face goes to shiz and it’s like WELP and then you see other people and you’re like WELP and just — well, life.

it seems many people are unclear

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from “Sawing Someone in Half Never Gets Old. Even at 100” about the magic trick of sawing people in half:

screenshot about the magic trick of sawing people in half https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2021/01/29/arts/magic-trick-100-years.html?referringSource=articleShare

color to the core

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Jules Olitski, “Fatal Plunge Lady” (1963)
(via ny times)

Jules Olitski, “Fatal Plunge Lady” (1963)
(via ny times)

this look speaks to me

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jeans, via le catch
(via le catch)

I am a chatterbox

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from an interview with fran lebowitz from august 1978:

Lebowitz: I was a behavior problem as far as talking. I talked out of turn, I talked too much, I talked in class, I made jokes during the lessons, I whispered to other children. I wasn’t an interesting behavior problem. I wasn’t glamorous and rebellious. I just talked too much. My first school punishment was sitting in the corner in kindergarten wearing a Band-Aid over my mouth and holding up a sign that said “I am a chatterbox.” That was my first run-in with authority.

i keep laughing about this — being an adult and doling out this punishment — making the sign, applying the band-aid — is bananas. (full disclosure i was also a chatterbox as a child.)


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(can’t remember where i found this, i’m sorry)

i’m prideful, dreamy, and intuitive (not wrong?).

also john sent me this compilation of fran lebowitz on david letterman and it’s kinda great, mostly the early interviews, where dave is so funny and disarming and light on his feet.

a word about james dean and heartless junk

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no disrespect to the dead, but i recently saw a clip of james dead in giant, and he was NOT good. he IS handsome and he IS full of emotion, but he IS NOT a good actor. through full disclosure i may have had a poster of him in my room when i was a pre-teen/teenager. i can’t remember but it sounds familiar. (“if sound warehouse sold it, i probably bought it”)

in other news, i loved this essay about newsletters, which really gets to something great about the web and blogs and newsletters and the beauty of stories about “break-ups and coffee beans.” one especially real note:

All I know is that the web today is not made for us. It’s no longer made for people to send charming bits of texts to strangers. Instead, I see the web as this public good that’s been hijacked by companies trying to sell us mostly heartless junk.

wanda why aren’t you dead

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damn this poem

wanda coleman, "wanda why aren't you dead"

wanda coleman, “wanda why aren’t you dead”
discovered here; more info here

most of the time who knows, man?

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from animatou sow’s v. good newsletter, crème de la crème:

screenshot from aminatou sow's newsletter, creme de la creme, from 12/2/20

my compadres

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screenshot from nytimes coronavirus update about the benefits of couch potatoes
(from an old ny times coronavirus update)

(going through my screenshots on my desktop in avoidance of homework)