can you tell school is starting tomorrow

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birthday has come and gone, glad to see it go, even though my birthday is my favorite day of the year (i’m a leo deep at heart). just a shiz time, 47 feels old, and sad things happening all around. hard to really feel easy. last year was kind of amazing because it was deep COVID and so no one was here and no one could go out and so i just watched nba and rom coms and napped and drank champagne and felt taken care of and did whatever i wanted and there was no sorrow yet hanging over me. but this year — there were two memorials in town, and my sweet aunt passed away (but sent me a present that arrived the day before), plus i’ve let all my marfa friendships fray and my sister has COVID and life feels just so…momentary. or transitory. both. someone please find me the poem that captures this. though ross spoiled me with TWO cakes and champagne and there was this perfect pre-birthday moment on tuesday — eating the most delicious pavlova made by my cool cuz and watching chunking express (brutal picture but love in its heart).

watching chunking express and eating pavlova

stay true

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the russell senn memorial bridge

the best memorial photo

escondido, new mexico (i think)

beware of rattlesnakes

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escondido, new mexico, lake i think -- rattlesnake sign

no swimming / no boats
(only striking rattlesnakes)
at this little lake in new mexico, august 2021

summer snapshots

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still so much feeling when you see a rainbow.

rainbow on the way home from santa fe
poppies in our garden
morning glories in our garden
protect my freedom to party!
Nicole sneakers?!

really need to see these Nicole sneakers

please let’s

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get in loser