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romance by elaine kahn

“romance” by elaine kahn

view from a balcony

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catherine and i, florida, july 2021

from our trip to florida, july 2021

one more thing

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i blew off school last night, too zonked by city council, and watched married to the mob, inspired by johnny, in honor of dean stockwell. i originally saw this movie when i was 14 and loved it, i think it was on my favorite movie list for as long as i kept that list going, but it’s surprising to watch now and see just how sweet it is. it’s just gentle. like a gentle cartoon comic. and michelle pfeiffer is so luminous in it. thumbs up. ps i’m sorry but it KIND OF makes me want to watch jonathan demme’s last movie, rikki and the flash

michelle pfeiffer in married to the mob (via pinterest)

We Manage Most When We Manage Small

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linda gregg "We Manage Most When We Manage Small"

linda gregg, “We Manage Most When We Manage Small”

letter of recommendation

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men in black III poster

this movie is legit GOOD, josh brolin is so excellent and the story is tender and just trust me that it’s background viewing of the highest order (a true compliment).

my thoughts exactly

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print by ruth mora,
print by ruth mora

what is fun?

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what is fun anymore? does this sound like a NY Mag essay? i went out with an old pal last night, but it was just like this: 😑 x 10, tbh. i’m glad i went but also no feelings of pleasure exactly. i did have fun watching free guy with ross the other weekend, but the time with the old pal was just…flat. but most everything is like that. is it covid, is it depression, is it loneliness, is it moi.


aka kind of a depressing list

  • watching basketball
  • getting in bed
  • sleeping in
  • maybe just sleep in general
  • playing with kids
  • being with ross
  • hanging with family
  • old friends
  • drinking fancy coffees
  • petting dogs
  • hitting the road
  • going to thrift stores
  • thinking about basketball

chekhov DOES get it

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from molly young:

Chekhov gets it

“I am of the opinion that real happiness is impossible without idleness. My ideal is to be idle and love a plump young girl. My most intense pleasure is to walk or sit doing nothing; my favorite occupation is picking useless stuff (leaves, straw and so on) and doing use­less things.”