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meme saying "you raggedy bitch" that i screenshotted from somewhere

guys went to the amazing texas library association conference and i was surprised by how unmoored i felt about the whole experience — i almost started crying checking in. which was so weird and embarrassing. i mean, yes, it was all new and foreign, but still…when did i grow so insecure and unsure? and relatedly: why am i so quick to diminish my accomplishments? it’s the legit opposite of how you’re supposed to be in the world at age 107. i think about how i moved to marfa and didn’t know anyone and just rolled with it and just somehow i’ve lost that spirit. is it being in marfa? was it ballroom? was it the long road through grad school and having to really humble myself to make a living? is it being so removed from my support system and just losing my way? WHY DON’T I WANT TO BE SEEN? anyway. it was a wonderful experience but lonely and unsettling and i was honestly glad to be back in marfa.

my favorite award ever

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the nba GETS IT

screeshot of espn 2022 jrue joliday winning nba teammate of the year

a strange world we live in

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near monahan’s

important license plate

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ENFJ license plate on a car in marfa

a few thoughts on the playoffs

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  • already cried and it’s only day two (at jayson tatum’s buzzer beater against the nets) (why cry? who knows)
  • v pleased about marcus smart winning defensive player of the year
  • i’m so happy to see more of ernie, chuck, shaq, and kenny
  • i think i’m rooting for everyone, except luka doncic

boring things i am thinking about

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  • NBA playoffs, at last
  • will i pass my final class (currently have a 76) (don’t ask me how this happened!!!) (actually ask me: i didn’t do an assignment but didn’t think it would impact so deeply) (did end up turning in the assignment but teacher hasn’t graded yet and will she ever because it was so late?) (REAL QUESTION)
  • how cute frankie is sleeping next to me
  • how much junk food i’ve consumed while ross has been gone
  • old person alert: not sleeping well without ross
  • old person alert #2: will be retiring my yahoo! email address as soon as school is done and i can figure out the transition — RAISE A SAD GLASS
  • wondering if i will leave marfa this year. it sounds cool AH but also ross has scared me about affordability and being too country mouse and will new job be as rewarding and will i have to live an hour away from everything and be a poor beggar and etc etc.
  • this dress
  • severance — imperfect but very recommend. atmosphere/production design is terrific.
  • this picture of rachel weisz on hilton als’s instagram
rachel weisz