we’re gonna have lasagna

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this interview with karen o took me BACK. loved this bit:

Do you mentor other women artists?
No one’s really taken me up on my offer yet. Maybe my invitation has been too soft. I’m a pretty awkward person, so maybe I have to lean in a little bit more and be like, “You’re meeting me here. We’re gonna have lasagna. It’s gonna be delicious. We’re gonna go deep.”

my skeleton burst into doves

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meant to capture this months ago — thank G for tabs-that-stay-open-five-months (WOOF) — but i loved cristina milioti’s favorite things, especially this bit:

6. Crossing over the Manhattan Bridge
I have lived in New York for a million years, and when I am in a taxi with the windows down rumbling over the Manhattan Bridge — and I can see the skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty — I can’t believe that I live there after all this time. I always stop everything I’m doing and I just stare out the window at the majesty of where I live, and that the city continues to run and thrive, and it’s been through so much and it holds so much. It’s like a little prayer.

i felt this in NYC, too — riding in a taxi (a rare treat), with the windows down, though it didn’t have to be over the manhattan bridge — you really got that surge of NYC beauty and possibility.

electrocuting himself with his own greatness

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lately i’ve been just dragging on THE GRIND. getting up so early, being in charge, all the pressure to get grants and program constantly and make it fun for everyone, do it all right, it’s a GRIND. a delightful, beautiful, soul-expanding grind. in other news, this is just about my favorite sentence this year.

remember this

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passed this abandoned covid testing site in el paso and it felt like something out of a dystopian novel. what a time we lived through (are living through).

i think i’m entering my flop era

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marlon brando was 48, i.e., my age, when he filmed the godfather. aging has been ~on my mind~, so this is a bit of a stinger. do i look his age? i guess i kind of do? i’m trying to just roll with it (what else is there to do) but folks, time really is a mothereffer.
marlon brando, courtesy of vintage everyday

speaking of, i’m watching the godfather right now and i still think diane keaton was miscast. is there any hollywood juice on this front?