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i can’t exactly quit this blog but trust that i’ll be slow as hell about updating it. life continues apace. just finished the romance novel the dead romantics, which was honestly not that great, but i guess readable. it DID get me excited to finally read mick herron’s dead lions, which has been sitting on my bedside table for too time, so that’s something.

jean claude van damme

i’m trying to think of this year, what even happened? a foggy summary:

  • took my end-of-program exams
  • got a dope new slouchy couch
  • my sweet sister got married!!!!
  • on the way back from london, i missed my train from austin to marfa, which turned out to be a great blessing TBH
  • made my only grad school B in the dumbest grad school class of all time and for WHAT
  • the library blew up at the end of may (not literally) and it was hell but we got through it but WOW
  • GRADUATED GRAD SCHOOL, THE MOST MIRACULOUS THING, it actually happened, i did it! it seems impossible even now
  • ross left on two long trips and i straight up HATED it, does this make me co-dependent
  • loved x infinity andor
  • also loved severance, even though what will the second season bring?
  • read a bunch of books, the best were station eleven and slow horses, but my mind is a sieve, there might have been other highlights?
  • had a wonderful trip to el paso with courtney where we saw THREE movies (first theater visits since pre-covid) and stayed at a plush hotel and just basically blasted, oh it was heaven
  • pretty much couldn’t get into white lotusenlightened remains mike white’s great achievement, no further questions
  • rediscovered my love for gary oldman AND michael keaton


the perfect sign for a cbd boutique

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in santa fe (november 2022)

recognize me?

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lifelong fan of lynda barry, this interview continues the devotion.


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seen in houston airport