ma face

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guys i know it’s so boring to say and honestly my face will never look so young as it does now so i’m trying to appreciate it but also — WHOA MY FACE HATH AGED, BIG TIME. i keep worrying about running into old friends who haven’t seen me in a while and seeing the shock/horror in their eyes (“oh my god — she looks so…old”). also i can’t really pin down what it is that is old — just more unsleep-looking? by unsleep i mean undead. and by undead i mean someone having not great skin and also looking like an old undead person.

seen in houston

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the best show on tv

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from “Samantha Irby Knows How to Trick You Into Thinking She’s Cool”

i’m sorry but i love this commercial

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the guy who plays the second derek is so good, plus derek jeter is so winning

i’m actually satan

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had huge fight with mom today — who does that with a sick person!? SATAN DOES IT. we have made the peace but it was brutal. i was just so stretched and tired and tired of advocating and trying to be so patient and nice in so many hard situations. but anyway see: me below.


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i’m so over the hospital and sick family and caretaking, i’m a terrible at it and hate it and just want to be selfish and forget about anything everything. the only bright spot is smoothies and i’m sorry but that is the only bright spot. besides friends family and having enough money to buy smoothies.


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these looks are perfection. The Row Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear, courtesy of vogue.

sorry but this is true

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But ancient Chinese philosophers believed that real success is not measured by prestige, fame, money or power. A successful life – a life well lived – is one in which a person flourishes: they are happy, fulfilled, and find meaning in what they do and who they are. This type of fulfilment, they argue, comes not from participating in the ‘right’ activities, attending prestigious schools or having earning power. Rather, it comes from loving and being loved by others within the context of meaningful, lasting relationships; understanding the way in which your own identity is bound up with the lives of those who have gone before you; giving generously of what you have to others; caring for and having a genuine love of nature; and finding your true vocation – no matter how humble it might be.

“How Ancient Chinese Philosophy Can Help You Parent” (why was I reading this) (who can say)

part two of reath design (or maybe part 25)

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this dresser!

Reath Design, Woodside

remember how i was in love with reath design

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Reath Design, Gloucester project 2022
Reath Design, Sunny Oaks Residence shot for Architectural Digest by Laure Joliet 2019