in honor of hispanic heritage month

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at the hospital cafeteria, september 2023


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seen by courtney in the great los angeles

sean combs part 2

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more from the great sean combs article:

“I can’t deny a sample,” Combs said later in the evening, in the back of a black Maybach S.U.V. en route to see Drake perform at Arena. “I remember Prince was denying samples and I would be like, Prince, like, that’s wack that you would deny my sample and you my boy. And he would just be like, ‘I’m not clearing that sample.’”

prince saying, “i’m not clearing that sample,” via pinterest

Ideate on that

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Combs in a New York studio in 1995. Credit: Al Pereira/Michael Ochs Archives, via Getty Images. Courtesy of The New York Times.

loved this interview with sean combs, long been a fan of his vibration. so many good quotes, so much excellent attitude:

“When I started seeing how media was using our success, whether it was Kanye’s, Jay-Z’s, mine, Rihanna, LeBron. That’s just a couple of people, but if you market it right, you put the right type of propaganda out, you may have people get comfortable like there is inclusion,” he said. “No, there isn’t.”

He’d left the studio, stripped down to shorts and kinesiology tape on his right shoulder, and made his way to the private sauna in one of the other small buildings near the rear of his property. Inside, it was 149 degrees.

“Every day I wake up in the morning,” he said, “I pray that I ain’t gotta ask a white man for [expletive].”

To that end, he’s been working on an online platform for Black business and entrepreneurship, Empower Global, which he said was meant to be a corrective for “what they took away from us from Tulsa,” referring to the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre in Oklahoma, in which the prosperous Greenwood neighborhood was burned by a murderous white mob. “It’s basically empowering myself with the pain of my ancestors and coming up with a solution, instead of having my heart turn to hatred,” he said.

“If I’m doing better, that don’t mean we doing better,” he continued. “I’m here for we.”

“Sean Combs Doesn’t Need to Ask Anyone for Anything” by Jon Caramanica


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“thanks” by victoria chang (2020)


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robert de niro in midnight run. photo courtesy of BAMF style


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was soooooooooooooooooo blue and tender last night due to mom chaos and work and couldn’t wrangle myself to a better form so had sad argument with ross (argument not quite the right word — what’s fighting without fighting and/or one person [me] presenting silent wounded behavior?), which led to sleeplessness, which led to morning haggard appearance and general dismal outlook. tonight i have to rally and be in the homecoming parade and feel EXCITED and i also have to work this saturday at 8:30am and throw a sundae party at 3pm and be EXCITED and my heart is not in it. heart is tired. heart just wants to lie in bed. not even read or watch tv or read (times TWO). just literally lie in bed. also we have mice! very cool. sidenote: did you know that bobby fuller died mysteriously at age 23?! OK THERE ENDS ILLEGAL WORK BLOGGING

better than ever

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“the basil” by kathryn cowles


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  • rewatching only murders in the building and listen, it’s a VERY odd show and yet…still strangely comforting? who can explain it
  • fell asleep twice while watching the new indiana jones BUT BUT BUT still enjoyed the parts i watched. my tastes are running towards comfort, almost exclusively


without garlic

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excellent comment from the (garlic-free) recipe for “pasta with fresh tomatoes and goat cheese”