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  • have been battling an epic four-day migraine (now calling it a migraine! after looking up types of headaches) (surely i must have done this in the past? though maybe i was scared to say migraine since my vision never gets wonky) (sidenote did you know there’s a sub-genre of headache graphics that are jokes about types of headaches?). ANYWAY. i was trying to go to our nephews’ soccer game this morning but the headache would not quit and i felt woozy so it was back to bed. i’m hoping tonight is the end of the line.
  • it’s beautiful out, was throwing the ball with the dogs at sunset, it’s so hard to balance that beauty with everything happening in the world.
  • rediscovered this song again.
  • just found out that corbin carroll (arizona diamondbacks outfielder) also shares my birthday. can’t say that i’m not taking it as a good sign.

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